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Republic Of Fighters #3 | Fighting Game Tournament Held on May 17 – 18 in Paris

UPDATE: Added the newly released AO teaser for the event!

ROF is a fighting game tournament being held in Paris, France next month that features TTT2 in the lineup. The tournament features cash prizes equating to 3500€ as well as international players such as Ryan Hart and Japan’s AO in confirmed attendance. If you happen to be in the region looking for the next best event to go for after UTXV, this is it. For more information on the tournament you can head to the English version of the website or contact the Tekken event manager for the event – Alhassane Stinson over here.

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TTT2 - 9/28 News & Media Round-Up

MC: Chanel, Knee, Nin, Saint & JDCR joins MASTERCUP.6
MC: Ryou (DVJ/AMK) VS Genkids (BOB/LEO) Tekken Emperor Deathmatches
OH: Second Generation Tetsuo (LEI/LEE) VS Burimaru (KNG/AMK>BOB/BRY) Matches Uploaded
TS: Knee (DVJ/MIG) VS JDCR (HEI/AMK) for 3rd/4th Place of Tekken Strike
TS: Season 2 Saint (BOB/GAN) VS Jundding (EDD/CHR) Finals
GC: Special Commerative Title Wanted

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MASTERCUP.6 - Help Me!! and Qudans Attending

This year's MASTERCUP.6 tournament in Japan looks to have some strong Korean players attending once again to try and take on the very best that Japan has to offer in the big 5on5 tournament series. Help Me will be returning to the Mastercup tournament after losing out to Shana's team just outside of Top 8 of MC.5 and Qudans will be joining Help Me and hopefully not dropping out like last time. The players are already registered up on the official website and it's surprising to see that they're both on AO's team. Qudans has registered under his Mishima team (Kazuya/Devil Jin) while Help Me is registered with his Paul/Marduk team. Hit the link to see the team.

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TTT2 - 6/19 JP & KR Tournament News Round-Up

A lot of things are going on recently in both Japan and Korea so I thought I might string up this post to help keep everyone up to speed on what is going on. From within you can find announcements, results, developments and archives for some of the major events that are currently progressing.

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TTT2 - BigE Announces 1st Annual Filthy Cup - 10/26

Big E Gaming is pulling all the stops to revitalize the Tekken tournament scene with the announcement of the Filthy Cup in honor of legendary Tekken community member Filthierich. This is going to be a 3D fighting game exclusive event with the current roster being TTT2 and TTT1 with at least 2 more unannounced games to be introduced in the lineup. More details after the jump.

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