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AvoidingThePuddle is brought to you by a small group of fighting game fans. Our goal is to bring you fighting game related news and content with an emphasis on improving your skills as a fighting game player.

Aris "Aris" Bakhtanians

I have been playing fighting games competitively for over 10 years now and have been a successful player of multiple fighting games. I'll be bringing you most of the content on this site. Contact me with any suggestions or questions you may have.

Daniel "tieTYT" Kaplan 

A retired fighting game player who still has a passion for strategy and an interest in the fighting game community. tieTYT has been an expert level player in multiple fighting games and is now a computer scientist. He will be handling the technical aspects of because I don't know shit about the internet or computers.

Armando "Commando" Gonzalez

A long time fighting game player and competitor. This guy really knows his shit when it comes to streaming. Commando will be streaming for ATP as well as for his own channel which can be found HERE.

Charles "insomnotek" Kim

Insomnotek ia a veteran fighting game player, arcade stick enthusiast, commentator, and self proclaimed King of Hacienda Hts. Considering how much he hates fighting games, he sure knows a lot about them. Charles will be helping with site news and reviews.  

Zoran "Flying Wonkey" Mircevic

A legend in the art of the internet. Zoran will be helping with news updates to keep everyone up to date in all things Tekken. 

Ammar "AAK" Khan 

Another master of the internet, and author of our comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. 


To contact AvoidingThePuddle staff with questions, suggestions, requests or things of that nature please use the information below.