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Tekken 6 Frame Data

This is a complete translation of InaTekken's frame data. As far as I know, this is the most comprehensive list of frame data. However, as you could imagine, there will be errors in this translation. If you notice an error in our frame data. Please leave the correction as a comment within the corresponding characters comments page. This is a work in progress and moves will be added and changed on a regular basis. Thanks.

alisa-bosconovich anna-williams armor-king asuka-kazama baek-doo-san bob-richards bruce-irvin bryan-fury christie-monteiro devil-jin eddy-gordo feng-wei ganryu heihachi-mishima hwoarang jack-6 jin-kazama julia-chang kazuya-mishima king kuma-panda lars-alexandersson lee-chaolan lei-wulong leo-kliesen lili ling-xiaoyu marduk marshall-law miguel-caballero-rojo mokujin nina-williams paul-phoenix raven roger-jr sergei-dragunov steve-fox wang-jinrei yoshimitsu zafina