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Tekken 7 - Most Popular Characters in Japanese Arcades for April 2015

With the implementation of an online connected system to every Tekken 7 arcade cabinet, Namco can collect all kinds of usage data from the players that go into arcades to play the game. On the Tekken-Net website for Tekken 7, they've started listing the nationwide most popular used characters in Tekken 7 for Japanese arcades. It takes a month for the rankings to aggregate all the character usage data and publish it for the website so we now have data for the month of April. If you have a Tekken-net account, you can see the ranking yourself on website under the 'Ranking' tab. For those who don't, I went ahead and screenshotted the page for everyone below.

Tekken-net ≫

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Tekken 7 - New Character Gigas Officially Revealed, Available in Arcades on April 28th!

UPDATE #2: Added new Gigas Screenshots from Gamer.

UPDATE: Added official media/news onto this piece!

Just announced on the CAPCOM TV Chokaigi niconico stream, Tekken 7's newest character is a giant red colossus character named Gigas. Gigas is set to make his appearance in Tekken 7 in arcades on April 28th which is this upcoming Tuesday. On Gigas' background, there's little known about the character officially as his nationality is 'DATA DELETED' with his fighting style being listed as 'DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSE' (破壊衝動). Character CGI render, screenshot and a official reveal trailer can be spotted below.

Tekken Official ≫

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Northwest Majors VII | Fighting Game Tournament in Seattle on April 24-26

Northwest Majors VII is being held in Seattle this weekend and it's going to hold a stacked TTT2 tournament as part of it's line-up. There's also Tekken 7 available to play and enjoy at the venue If you take the chance to make it to the event. The streams that will be handling the Tekken 7 and TTT2 tournament is being run by TeamKhaos' and SeattleTekken channels so be sure to follow those to get updates on when they're live. Schedules pools, and more are here:

NWM 7 Pools



Seattle Tekken

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Next Tekken 7 Announcement will be made at Capcom's Chokaigi niconico Stream

The niconico Chokaigi event is an online stage show event run every year around this time and for this year, Capcom has a big presence with playable demonstrations for Street Fighter V, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and a few other games while also having niconico streams of the event live with special guests. Harada recently mentioned on twitter that he is one of the special guests on the niconico show and that he will be bringing some Tekken 7 related news/announcement with him onto the show, including a 'currently unreleased video.' The niconico Chokaigi event is scheduled for April 25-26 with the Harada appearance being on the 2nd day of the event so be sure to catch the Capcom TV Chokaigi niconico stream over on their nico page next weekend.

CAPCOM TV Chokaigi Stream ≫

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Tekken 7 - Josie Rizal in Practice Mode Footage

My condolences Bruce players. Josie Rizal has been unlocked today for arcades in Japan and details and footage on the character is starting to come out. We've got a brief Practice mode run through of Josie Rizal showing all the moves she has as well as practice some combos. Once again, this footage was taken from the GuntamaMiraclein YouTube channel so be sure to follow that channel since it's one of the great video resource from Japan. Slightly related news on this however is that Josie Rizal while unlocked for Japanese arcades now, is getting unlocked alongside Jin and Devil Jin in Korean arcades on April 28th.

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