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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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Catch a Weekly PS4 Tekken 7 Stream Every Thursday at 6 PM From Bandai Namco Australia

The Australian Tekken community has banded together with Bandai Namco Australia to provide a weekly Tekken stream that includes gameplay of the latest version of Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4! Going live every Thursday at 6 PM Pacific Time, (12 pm Friday AEST) you can tune in and watch an English speaking Tekken stream featuring some of the best Tekken talent you can find in the region to explore the game and even fulfill requests for character requests. For Lee & Miguel players, this is currently a really good resource to keep up to date on the latest for your console characters. The Bamco Tekken Weekly is hosted by Blankaex at the BN offices in Sydney so be sure to follow the channel to know when the stream goes live to tune in. You can find YouTube VODs of each stream session also on Blankaex's Youtube channel. Big shoutouts goes to Bandai Namco Australia for providing the stream!

Twitch Channel ≫

YouTube VODs ≫

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Where is Frame Data? Peculiar Jab Situation with Bryan & Master Raven

Here's a interesting interaction in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. If you're Bryan up against a opponent using Master Raven, the most basic of frame trap situations don't seem to occur as naturally as you would expect. Considering that jabs in this game are 10 frames on start-up, it seems that even in disadvantageous circumstances, Master Raven's will override and beat Bryan's jab. To be more specific, if after certain plus frames on block moves like Bryan's jab (+1 on block), b+1 Chopping Elbow (+3) and the qcb+3 low soccer kick (+4) hit, both players doing a jab will make Master Raven win here. It's all hard to picture when reading so here are the video findings that both Knee and Low High have shared on this interaction. Is it bugged or is there a finer detail in play here? Where is frame data.

Knee ≫

Low High ≫

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T7FR - MBC's Highlights Video Episode 14

That huge wall slide is probably the funniest clip, still amazed that's still in the game from first seeing it back at the Tekken 7.0 exhibition tournament 2 years ago. And of course as usual, check out the full video as well as MBC's channel here:

MBC Tekken ≫

Highlights playlist ≫

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T7FR - Match Videos with Pro Girl Gamer Tanukana from Kuro Kuro's Stream

Cyclops Osaka pro gamer Tanukana recently hopped on the machines to play sets with high level Japanese players. It's Tanukana's Xiaoyu up against Japan's highest ranked Hwoarang and the Mastercup comeback legend Pecos (Pekosu) in these long match sets. This was all streamed live on Kuro Kuro's Twitch channel but the YouTube archive is now available for viewing. Check it out and I've also added timestamps below if you wanted to navigate to a specific match.

Kuro Kuro's YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Akuma Combo Video Act 2 By CrazyDongPal

An old Mishima playing legend taking the guest character for a ride. Here's the latest Combo Act from Crazy Dongpal showcasing what Akuma can do in the game. Footage is courtesy of Knee's YouTube channel.

Knee's YouTube channel ≫

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