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SoulCalibur VI reveals brand new moves coming in Season 2

New trailer, new moves for the entire cast. Get a glimpse at what's in store for Season 2 of SoulCalibur VI from the new gameplay reveal from SEAM 2019. There's no concrete launch date set yet for Season 2 but, we might know once the SoulCalibur VI World Invitational event takes place next month.

876TV ≫

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Active U.S military and veterans can redeem a free copy of SoulCalibur VI and Tekken 7

It has come to our attention that a veteran service organization is currently offering free copies of both Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI to all active personnel and veterans. Games for Grunts is the OSD program that is digitally distributing Steam codes to U.S military that login and verify their details through the service. Should you be in the military service or have since been retired, feel free to redeem your free PC copies through the main Operation Supply Drop web page:

OSD Games to Grunts


Tekken 7 v3.01 patch notes

A bugfix/stability-focused update is rolling out for Tekken 7 following the launch of Zafina and Season 3. The latest 3.01 update includes minor balance changes that correct some unintended interactions from Eliza, Lee, Julia and Zafina. This update is for all three platforms so you should be able to download it either now or really soon. For full patch notes, check the Bandai Namco EU website:

TEKKEN 7 Version 3.01 Update Note

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Tekken 7 + SoulCalibur VI bundle pack spotted on Amazon

Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI are set for a bundled re-release according to a recent Amazon Spain listing from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Iberica. The publisher has also listed several other game bundle packs including the Tales of, Dragonball Xenoverse and Ni no Kuni series so it seems like an official announcement of the packs are expected to be made soon. All of these bundles are currently set to arrive on November 8th with the exception of the Xenoverse pack which is said to arrive at the end of December if the details on the listings are to be believed. Just to have a trip down memory lane, this isn't the first time that Tekken and SoulCalibur games have been bundled together so this isn't anything out of the ordinary, although I can't remember if they came on a single or separate discs. If by chance you haven't already gotten both of these current gen fighting games yet, this might be an enticing offer to jump in on.



In slightly related news, Japan is getting a seperate Welcome Price!! edition for SoulCalibur VI. Like the Tekken 7 version of the same edition, it includes the base SC6 game, Season Pass 1 and a discount coupon for Season Pass 2 in a single discounted package. SoulCalibur VI Welcome Price!! edition goes on sale in Japan on November 28th.

SOULCALIBUR Ⅵ Welcome Price!!

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Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 does not include any guest characters

Sorry Kazuma Kiryu or Tifa Lockhart fans, come back next season. Talking with Shacknews/GamerHubTV, Tekken 7's producer Michael Murray explained that the remaining two characters (I don't know why they were talking like there was only one left) in Season Pass 3 are not guest characters. As Murray says, the end slate used in the Season 3 roadmap image doesn't have a specific slot with a custom effect which normally indicates the presence of a unique guest fighter. With that said, the Wing Chun fighter Leroy Smith is on his way and we get a small back-and-forth on what to expect from his fighting style. To hear more about the Season 3 DLC from Murray, check out the video interview over on the GamerHubTV YouTube page.


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