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Twitch Tekken Crash - Group C Video Archives 

Group C video archives are now available. I don't think I need to continually describe this sort of stuff.

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The soundboard got updated with some new sound clips from Tekken Crash though.

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Hailing from Japan, Take Enters Ultimate Tournament XVI

Introducing the next international competitor to the upcoming Ultimate Tournament XVI in France, Take from Japan! You may be more familiar with this player after he managed to enter top 8 at EVO this year or maybe from him being a True Tekken God rank alongside Nobi in Japan during TTT2's age. This heavyweight Bob / Bryan player will be making his debut in Europe by facing off against Europe's best players alongside fellow international player Only Practice from Korea. Ultimate Tournament XVI will be taking place this October on the 17th in Pourrieres, France with even more international competition to come in the future. For now, you can familiarize yourself with Take with the following video.

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Tekken 7 Summer Campaign Now In Effect

The Japanese Tekken-net website went down for about 4 hours today for scheduled maintenance but now that's over, they've added a new batch of customizations into the game. For this summer in Japan, they've gone ahead and added a bunch of summer related swimwear for the cast. Bikinis were given to the girls and the males all got the option to go topless in the game now. Full details on the summer campaign if you're interested in participating can be found on the official Tekken website.


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Kuro Kuro Cup | Japanese Double Elimination Tournament on August 8th

The KUROKURO CUP returns this year and once again it's being hosted by Japan's very own Kuro Kuro. The tournament / party event will be taking place in Akihabara, Japan on the 8th of August so it's a great event to go compete in some Tekken 7 then later getting drunk with all the other players at the bar. For this year, both Knee and Chanel are invited and will be participating in the tournament. Kuro Kuro will be streaming the event on both niconico & Twitch so If you yourself cannot be there, you can at least watch it live. If you do happen to be there in Japan for the event however, Kuro Kuro has set up an English registration page that makes it easy to enter yourself in. For further details on the event, you can consult Kuro Kuro's blog or keep reading below.


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Twitch Tekken Crash - Group B Video Archives

Once again it's that time of the week, Twitch Tekken Crash recently completed it's Group B section of the e-sports competition. Not to spoil much but there's a huge upset this week from some of the teams taking out heavy hitters in the competition. Once again, the English commentary is done by Laugh and that girl who's name I'm forgetting (sorry!) but she keeps saying woah. If you aren't a fan of the commentary, you can watch the Korean side of the commentary with Nin over on the Twitch archives.

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