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Kelot Cup 2 - 3on3 Japanese T7FR Tournament YouTube Archives

Kelot Cup 2 was a Japanese 3on3 Tekken 7 FR tournament organised by MASTERCUP and Game Newton that took place on September 17 at the Amusement Parlor Okayama arcade in Japan's west. The tournament was sponsored by Yamasa who creates the Tekken pachislot machines and they had their sponsored Tekken players Yuu & Nobi travel down and be the hosts for the event. Since this was relatively recent, the tournament was using the current up to date version of the game with Master Raven. Although the stream for the event has already been carried out, the YouTube archives for the tournament has now been uploaded to Yuu & Nobi's YouTube account for anyone that missed out on watching it. You can catch their archives over here:

Yuu & Nobi Channel ≫

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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 North America Finals is Set for Nov 9

Bandai Namco have announced that the finals event for the North American side of The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 is set for November 9, 2016 which is on a Wednesday. Ruby Skye in San Francisco, California will be the venue for the finals and there will be chances for the people in attendance to meet the creators behind the Tekken series, get hands-on time with demos of Tekken 7 and get all sorts of exclusive Tekken merchandising. TKOIFT NA or simply the Tekken Tour has made multiple stops through-out the country over the course of this year and every qualified winner from each event is being gathered in one place to battle it out to see who's the best and win prizes including a trip to Japan to compete in their side of the KOIFT event. For players in the US who haven't qualified for the finals yet, there will be a last chance qualifier to get in a day before the event at Hilton Union Square on Nov 8. The website for the KOIFT NA 2016 has been updated and you can consult the page for the current qualified players as well as entry details for the event.

KOIFT NA 2016 ≫

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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 South East Asia Announced

Press Release:

SINGAPORE, September 25th 2016 – Leading video game developer and publisher, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia, today announced the TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 for Southeast Asia, scheduled to hit Singapore, Philippines and Thailand in anticipation of the home console release of TEKKEN 7.

The TEKKEN 7: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2016 – Southeast Asia aims to bring together top TEKKEN players from around Southeast Asia for a knockdown competition. Winners get to walk away with bragging rights and a spot in King of Iron Fist FINALS in Japan on December 10th 2016. The Southeast Asia tournament begins 7th October at Game Start 2016 with the Southeast Asia Majors and it will continue through to Philippines and Thailand on October 28th -30th and November 5th respectively. The winner of each event is guaranteed a spot in King of Iron Fist FINALS in Japan on December 10th. It will be a great opportunity for Tekken gamers to represent Southeast Asia in the finals. For full tournament rules and regulations please visit here.

KOIFT 2016 South East Asia

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'High Chance' Cross-Platform Play may not be in Tekken 7 at Console Launch Says Harada

Update/Note: just to further clarify on the cheaters part since there are some people out there that are sending nasty tweets to Harada for the idea that PC players are all cheaters/hackers, he expressed in the tweet that there are many gamers out there that are one part of the overall community that do suspect PC players of cheating. Not necessarily himself that he thinks that all PC players are cheaters. He himself after all, is a big PC gamer.


It's not a matter of the technology for getting the PS4/XB1/PC players to match up against each other being the issue, but rather first party company policies and potential security risks alongside the community perceived reputation of PC gamers being cheaters that is hindering the decision to allow cross platform play as explained by Tekken project leader Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter to a fan question.

That is not to say that cross platform play for the game has been outright denied however, merely that these hurdles are hampering the decisions to allow it. The specific usage of the home versions 'launch' in the explanation brings up an interesting consideration also by suggesting that all the drawbacks of allowing cross platform play can be avoided temporarily early in the game's lifespan and then later enabled to help the overall player base when the game has its 'drop off' of players. With that all said, there is a large possibility that cross-platform play for Tekken 7 will not be allowed when it launches in Early 2017 Harada says. If you yourself are passionate about the feature and its implementation in Tekken 7, why not let Harada know? He reads all the feedback he receives on Twitter.

Tweet source

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TEKKEN 7 Nordic Tour Announced!

The TEKKEN 7 NORDIC TOUR is here! Together with PlayStation Plus, we are bringing TEKKEN 7 on PlayStation 4 to more than 35 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, starting at ComicCon Copenhagen on Sep 24 and ending beginning of 2017. Come challenge your friends in a couple of casual fights & get some free TEKKEN 7 loot, or participate in the TEKKEN 7 Tournament on each tour stop where the winner will receive TEKKEN 7 on PS4 when the game is released as well as a place in the Nordic Online finals.

TEKKEN 7 Nordic Tour

Full tour information can be found on

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