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Arcade Stream Crashes Twitch Tekken Crash

The Twitch sponsored Tekken Crash is a really cool event for Tekken fans and there's a lot of excitement behind it, especially when you're there in Korea to experience such an event. To give you a better idea and overall vibe of the place, the Arcade Stream crew got the chance to appear at the scene and interview a number of people at Tekken Crash. The insight from some of the players as well as the good production of the video makes it a cool watch. If you like this sort of Fighting game related content, you can also subscribe to the Core-A Gaming YouTube channel which has several other good videos.

Core-A Gaming ≫

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Twitch Tekken Crash - Top 8 Group B Video Archive

Slowly chugging along, Twitch Tekken Crash recently completed the 'Group B' phase of Top 8 which is still the event's quarterfinals I believe. Next Sunday's event should be the semi-finals with the Sunday after being the grand finals. The archives for Group B of Top 8 are available for viewing.

ESportsTV ≫

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8/30 Nobi Gaisen Cup Being Streamed Completely on niconico

Nobi Gaisen Cup, the previously announced MASTERCUP tournament being held Fukuoka, Japan that's titled after Nobi's victory at EVO 2015 will be taking place this weekend. It's not the major MASTERCUP tournament that usually happens every year so this is a more smaller regional kind of tournament. As such, they're content to just stream it all on niconico. If you have a niconico account, you can tune into the tournament come this Sunday in Japan. (Saturday in USA)

Nobi Gaisen Cup Stream URL ≫

And of course, after the tournament official Youtube uploads will be up at the MASTERCUP channel.



Twitch Tekken Crash - Top 8 Group A Video Archive

Incredibly slow news week for Tekken. Twitch Tekken Crash proceeded into the 'Group A' of Top 8 making it the event's quarterfinal. The archives are now available for viewing.

ESportsTV ≫

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Twitch Tekken Crash - Group D Video Archive

Group D video archives are now available on the Youtube but for this time, I'll just link the Korean archive version.

ESportsTV ≫

Twitch Tekken Crash is on every Sunday at 7:00PM Korean time. (3:00 AM PDT I think?)

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Korean viewers ≫

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