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King Of Iron Fist 2015 - European Qualifier Finals At Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week is taking place as we speak and the organized European qualifier for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015 will be occurring soon. The winning 3 players from this event wins an 'all-expenses' paid trip to Japan to compete in the KOIFT2015 Grand Finals alongside the likes of Nobi, AO, Mr. Naps, Bloodhawk, AK and more on December 12th. The event is being streamed live across Bandai Namco and ESL's Twitch channels with commentary available in French and English. I don't exactly know when the event will go live (I was just told 'in about 8 hours from now') so follow the channels to get notifications on when they're live. Here are the players that are participating in this qualifier.


  • Vanex
  • Caiper
  • Genius
  • Starscream
  • FARM2FARM|Devil
  • Real Menace
  • Tenshimitsu
  • Harry Potter
  • Mitrust-storm
  • Tissuemon
  • FARM2FARM | Matt-JF
  • Caradolph


Bandai Namco Europe (ENG) ≫

ESL France (FR) ≫


Tekken 7 (officially) Announced for Consoles. PS4 vers. to have VR Functionality

After weeks of hinting from MarkMan, Namco officially announces Tekken 7 at the Paris Games Weekly expo that's currently taking place in France right now. While this really isn't news to anyone following Harada's interviews throughout the US tournament scene, what is new is the inclusion of VR functionality. Let's hope it's more than a gimmick like the TTT2-Prologue 3D functionality. The official Press Statement and full trailer of the announcements are below.

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Premium PV Released for Japanese 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament - MASTERCUP.8

MASTERCUP.8 returns this year on November 22nd and as usual, the latest PV for the tournament has been released! The PV features commentary by Fumihiko Tachiki and looks back at all the previous MASTERCUPs that lead up to the big tournament this year. MASTERCUP.8 will take place in Odaiba, Tokyo next month and just to remind everyone, tournament sign-ups for the event end this Saturday 24th of Oct in Japan so time is short if you want to make plans to attend. You can check out the PV on the Mastercup YouTube channel here:


In other news, a Korean team has finally entered MASTERCUP.8! The team comprises of the following players:

This team will participate in the tournament alongside the team that wins the tournament in Green Arcade on Oct 24. You can take a look at the massive list of team entered into the tournament here.

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King Of Iron Fist 2015 - East Coast USA Qualifier YouTube Archives

The King Of Iron Fist tournament recently concluded the East Coast USA qualifier to find a US representative player to fly to Japan and just like UTXVI, this event unfortunately couldn't be streamed live on Twitch. Team Spooky has however uploaded the video archives of the event so you can use those to catch up with the event. The entire playlist is now up and available to view. No spoilers in here, so feel free to watch the archives if you've managed to avoid social media up to this point. You can check out the rest of Team Spooky's channel here:

Team Spooky ≫

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Ultimate Tournament XVI | Top 8 Results

Due to an unforeseen issue, Ultimate Tournament XVI could not be streamed this year. The entire event will however be re-broadcasted on Twitch with YouTube archive videos to follow shortly. You can catch the rebroadcast & archives on Realmenace's channel in the near future. The full result of the tournament is now available and I have it listed all below. Once again, thanks goes to the sponsors Bandai Namco Europe and MadCatz for supporting the event, the CKT group for coming together and helping the tournament run smoothly and of course, everyone from Europe who attended as well as all the international guests for participating in the event!

Real Menace's Twitch ≫

YouTube channel ≫

CKT_Gaming cam footage from the event ≫

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