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Lee / Miguel Build of Tekken 7 Playable at York Street Battles in Sydney

The latest build of Tekken 7 on PS4 is making its way across to multiple places and more events have now started coming forward and confirming the new Tekken 7 build as making an appearance. The 48th numbered York Street Battles taking place in the city of Sydney in Australia has recently announced that the new Tekken 7 build is present at the venue and open for everyone to check out. For players in the region, this is your opportunity to get hands on with the new characters; Lee & Miguel on the new version as well as check out the competition in Sydney's FG scene so be sure not to miss out. York Street Battles 48 is being held on January 28th and a stream will be prepared over on BlankaEx's Twitch channel.

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Saint's Tournament Vlog from the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016

Posting up the Video Log that Saint recorded from his trip to Japan for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Grand Finals last month. You can take a look and see through the eyes from our Tekken champion of the travels he took while staying in Japan with all the other qualified Tekken players. The Vlog explores various places of interest from Tokyo, Japan including the Namco Sugamo arcade, food shops a shrine and the fancy high rise building with a view of the city. Check it out and for more content from Saint & JDCR, follow the Battle Finger (formerly taktak1893) YouTube channel.

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T7FR Slow-Motion Moments & More - MBC's Latest Highlights Video

The Korean King player MBC has been keeping himself busy with his latest online adventures in arcade Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. While grinding out the absurd amount of matches he puts into the game, there's bound to come up weird and wacky results every now and then that deserves a replay. So here it is, the latest (episode 12) of his highlights video series and this one shows off intense stand offs, crazy trades, every slow motion moments & even the odd wild deathfist. You can catch the highlight video and more over on MBC's YouTube channel.

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Bandai Namco: "There are no plans to bring Tekken 7 to the Switch"


Word came in from Bandai Namco Entertainment, there are no plans to bring Tekken 7 to the new Nintendo Switch console. There was no news to come from the recent Nintendo Switch Presentation on Tekken 7 there after speculations began stirring after the Nintendo Switch Hori arcade stick images began circulating online. The source of the above comment comes from BNEAU's facebook reply in the announcement post for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 getting a Nintendo Switch version. Big thanks goes to ZeroX_FGC for the heads up on the news.

Bandai Namco T7 Switch Comment ≫


Findings from Noodalls - The New DS4 Pads have more Lag Wired than Wireless

For those who aren't familiar, Noodalls is an old legend that's famous around parts like Tekken Zaibatsu for testing out and figuring the data behind input devices and when they gets processed and displayed on screen. So he's been a pretty resourceful guy and you can look at some of things he's done in the past like getting down complete frame data for the Capoieras in TTT2 and reporting frame data values for Hit Confirms to know he is reliable. His recent input testing finds seems to reveal an odd peculiarity with the new Dualshock 4 Pads that come with the PS4 Slim. It seems that while the pads are wireless, they bring up a better response time in game then the pad communicating to the system with a wired connection & USB settings on. This may be useful info to know if you happen to be a pad player. You can see his extensive result findings as well as YouTube videos that go over his testing methodology over on his Twitter & YouTube.

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