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King of Iron Fist 2015 - 10/3 Qualifying event at Round 1 Puente Hills Mall

Announcement came out of the blue on twitter. Source of the tweet is here. Round 1 location is here.


Soul Calibur Lost Swords Coming to an End on November 30th

Some bittersweet news for fans of Soul Calibur. The F2P single-player online PS3 game Lost Swords has been announced that the game will be closing up and no longer available to play come this November 30th. Bandai Namco are giving this game kind farewell and 'send off' with a new ranking quest and in game sales/deals for a certain period to commemorate all the times with the game from launch. The series is 'graduating' on from Lost Swords and the video announcing the news says it all: "The warriors may fade, but their souls will ignite again."

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Peruvian Challenger TKS/NeNe Enters UTXVI

Our long list of international competitors heading to Ultimate Tournament XVI this October 17th in France is continuing to grow with the confirmation of yet another player: TKS/Nene! Representing the Tekken Survivors group in South America, he is a force to be reckoned with as he is considered to be one of the best players in the entire region's alongside Abel & Sapito with his Mishima team. You may remember him from his performance at the TXT tournament last year where he ended up being 4th place at the event. Things are only going to get even bigger with South America joining the competition and there's still some more international competition set to compete at the event so you can all look forward to that.

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Twitch Tekken Crash - Semifinals Video Archive

Almost there, Twitch Tekken Crash completed the semifinals section for the competition. Video archives are as usual, available for viewing. Tune in this upcoming Sunday at 7:00 PM KST for the event's grand finals!

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MASTERCUP.8 Now Accepting Team Entries

Well not *right now* officially but on September 1st, MASTERCUP will be accepting team entries to the Tekken 7 MASTERCUP.8 tournament which is going down on November 22nd this year.  This is the perfect time to rally up your groups and enter if you plan on attending the event. There is a page where you enter the team details to be added into the tournament but it's in complete Japanese so if you are planning to enter, feel free to send me the details and I can help get the team's entry in. You can contact me via e-mail here. The tournament organiser can also be reached through his twitter account: @MasakariJin.

Entry Period: 31st of August, 2015 0:00 ~ 10th of October 2015 23:59

Entry form page: