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Northwest Majors 8 Video Archives

Gathering together all the footage from last weekend's Northwest Majors 8 event which featured Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7 and Tekken 7 Fated Retribution for anyone that couldn't watch it live. The Tekken 7 tournament footage is available on Bandai Namco Entertainment's Fight Channel and the TTT2 tournament is available on the Seattle Tekken's Twitch channel. Tekken 7 Fated Retribution footage is up on the Tekken twitch channel. No spoilers and note that the twitch embeds down here will automatically play on load.

Bandai Namco Fight Channel ≫

Seattle Tekken Twitch ≫

TEKKEN Twitch ≫

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Battle Arena Melbourne 8 | Australian Fighting Game Tournament on May 13 - 15

The weekend after this weekend (May 13 - 15) is Australia's eighth annual Battle Arena Melbourne which is going to be a 3-day fighting game event in Melbourne's inner city. A Capcom Pro tour event, DOA5LR's Battle Royal 2016 qualifier and now recently announced Tekken 7 tournament with a $1,000 pot bonus courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment. I myself am personally participating at the event so I hope to see everyone there! Pre-registration for the event is currently still open and for those not in the region, you can catch the event live over the numerous streaming Twitch channels. More details on the event below courtesy of Muttons.

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YUU NOBI CUP | MASTERCUP 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament on May 4

Taking place tomorrow at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal arcade is the YUU NOBI CUP 5on5 tournament. Named after famed Japanese top players Yuu and Nobi, this MASTERCUP tournament pits the best East Japan has to offer against the south in TEKKEN 7. The tournament is being streamed entirely on so you can watch all the TEKKEN 7 action live on the Game Newton channel. Additionally, later tonight in Japan (May 3) is the TEAM YUU VS TEAM NOBI 'Night before the tournament' event taking place at the same arcade in Fukuoka Japan. Everyone out there interested in watching fierce Tekken competition, this event is not one to miss.


Team YUU VS Team Nobi ≫

Tournament updates ≫

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New Brazilian Fighting Game Team 'New Master' Enlists Tekken Players

The 'New Master' team is a new iniative from the Latin Americas fighting game community that is assembling players for sponsorship. It's run by the figurehead behind the recent Brazilian New Master tournament which hopes to succeed and take in more fighting game players under it's wing. TTT2 FR19 runner-up El Negro Piripicho from Venezuela and Leandro Foloni from Brazil are currently the first players to be enlisted under this team and you might see their faces in the near future at your near-by tournament. For Tekken players in the South American region, this may represent exciting new future prospects for you. For more details and info from this new team, you can consult their facebook page.

New Master Team ≫

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Bandai Namco Open House 2016 Media Coverage

UPDATE: Added Anime News Network Interview with Harada.

To showcase Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, Bandai Namco organized "Open House 2016" last week which invited journalists to their new studio in Santa Clara, California to dig into the minds of Tekken's lead Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray. We are now starting to see the media coverage from this opportunity surface on the internet and I'll be gathering all I could find here. The interviews to come from this divulges a lot of interesting announcements and developments as well as thought processes going into the game and the player communities and it's all well worth the read for people following the Tekken series. I'll be updating this piece as we go along but here is what's out there so far.

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