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Namco announce $30k Bonus Pot to Tekken 7 @ EVO2K15 + Lili/Eliza T-Shirt

Today, Namco announced $30,000 a bonus pot for Tekken 7 at EVO along with T-shirts with an artwork of Lili and Eliza by the same artist as the Devil Asuka design in last year's EVO shirt. It's nice of Namco to support T7, but it is blatantly unfair to give such a reward to a competition where 97% of the competitors don't have a chance against the Japanese who've had months of experience. 

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Ultimate Tournament XVI Announcement - It's Back on October 17th

Ultimate Tournament XVI - This year's installment of the largest Tekken tournament in France can now be announced to be taking place on the 17th of October this year! It is set to be held in Pourrieres, France near the port city of Marseille located at the southern side of the French country. This will be no doubt, a big event for Tekken in Europe and the competition will be the strongest it has ever been for this time around. Europe will have to pool it's players together to defend their turf against the incoming Japanese, Korean, American and even Venezuelan players coming in to take home the victory. A victory which is being guaranteed to be worth at least €800 which is being given out amongst the top placers at the event. Mark the date: Saturday, 17th of October as it'll be a Tekken event not to miss this year!

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Tekken 7 - MakoRyu Deathmatch Video from MASTERCUP

This video is perfect in showing how fucking obnoxious Jack-7 has gotten in this game. I'm not even sure if you're the kind of person that enjoys hour long deathmatch videos but this is one to watch just for the starting deathmatch between MakoRyu (a strong Mishima player from Osaka) & Taisei (Tekken God Japanese Bruce/Jack-6 player). It's not even 10 minutes long, I'll tell you that much! And before anyone asks, yes the whole full crouch f+1,2,1 into Debugger is NC and guaranteed. Yeah. Then onwards, the video proceeds with MakoRyu deathmatching other people so there's more to the video if you want more. Of course, big thanks goes to the Official MASTERCUP YouTube channel for uploading the video, you can check out the rest of the channel here:


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Bandai Namco Fighting Game Panel at Comic Con July 10

The official Comic Con website has updated its page to mention that Harada and a special guest will be present to talk about the artwork in Tekken 7. MarkMan will also be a part of the panel that will be an hour long. Rise of Incarnates will also be covered at this panel. With this event being a week exactly before EVO don't expect any new info about the game until the week after for the tournament.

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Next Tekken Crash To Be Aired on July 5th!

Update: Official post on the eSportsTV Board has further details on Tekken Crash! Twitch is sponsoring the event and the entire season of Tekken Crash (July -> September) will be streamed on Twitch! The Twitch streams (no URL yet) will go live every Sunday at 7:00PM Korean time starting from July 16th. The July 5th episode will be the preliminary qualifier for the season.

Tekken Crash, the recently brought back TV show centered on Tekken in Korea has a date set for it's next episode. July 5th is the day it goes live according to the recent quick promotional video uploaded on ESportsTV and will no doubt feature great Tekken players in Korea. As of right now I'm not too sure if there's plans to broadcast this episode on the internet like the last time but if there is info on it, we'll report it hopefully soon.

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