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Tekken 7 Launch Trailer "Bring the Fight"

It's been a long road but it is finally here. Tekken 7 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam worldwide from today. To usher in the new game to everyone and commemorate the release, Bandai Namco has unveiled the new Bring the Fight launch trailer. Welcome to the last chapter of the Mishima Saga Enter the Tekken.


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TEKKEN 7 - Character Episode Trailer #4

And heeere's part #4 of the Tekken 7 Character Episode trailers which show off a bit about the characters and their character side stories in the game's Story Mode. This trailer features Master Raven, Lili, Asuka, Leo, Yoshimitsu & Dragunov. Previous character episode trailer can be viewed over here.

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TEKKEN 7 - Character Episode Trailer #3

Tekken 7 is almost here and Bandai Namco have unveiled Episode #3 of their Character trailers. This one teases the story mode character interactions between Josie & Kuma, Paul & Panda, Claudio & Xiaoyu and Shaheen & Kazuya. You can watch the previous character episode over here.

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Bandai Namco Unveils the Console Tekken 7 Opening Cinematic

Spotted on the Bandai Namco Entertainment America YouTube playlist for Tekken 7. Check out the console Tekken 7 opening cinematic!

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Tekken 7 - No Glory for Heroes (English Story Trailer)

Bandai Namco has just unveiled 'No Glory for Heroes,' a dramatic movie-like trailer setting the tone for Tekken 7's Story Mode. There are several highlights and scenes from the Story Mode but nothing too big to label as a spoiler so it's a safe watch. Tekken 7 is out worldwide in stores on June 2nd and you can check out the new trailer below.

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