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Soul Calibur 6 Launch Trailer

Having been dormant for years, the SoulCalibur series finally sees the revival. SOULCALIBUR VI is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC via Steam! Ushering in the launch of the brand new game, Bandai Namco unveils the launch trailer to commemorate the release. Welcome back everyone to the stage of history.


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Soul Calibur 6 - Inferno Character Reveal Trailer

Update: Official reveal trailer is now up.

Inferno was previously leaked but the unlockable boss character for Soul Calibur 6 now gets a proper reveal trailer courtesy of the PlayStation Facebook page. He can be used in offline VS modes when you unlock him but Inferno can't be used at all in the online multiplayer modes. He appears in Soul Calibur 6 as a mimic character going by his Fighting Style but you can check out some of his own unique attacks in the new reveal trailer.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 - Raphael Character Reveal Trailer

Welcome back Raphael to the stage of history! Raphael was previously leaked early this month in a weird goof with a demo of Soul Calibur 6 brought early into an event but the official reveal for the character has now gone live. Raphael and Cervantes are playable in Soul Calibur 6 this week in Japan during Tokyo Game Show at the Bandai Namco booth for anybody that happens to be there so expect even more gameplay footage from the game soon. You can check out what Raphael can do in Soul Calibur 6 in his new reveal trailer down below.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 - Game Modes Introduction Trailer

Arcade mode, Versus battles, Story modes, Training Mode, Online Modes, Library/Gallery, Replays and more! Check out the recently released, introduction trailer for Soul Calibur 6 showcasing all the available gameplay modes included in the game. Soul Calibur 6 is out October 19th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs via Steam.

Bandai Namco JP YouTube ≫

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Soul Calibur 6 - Cervantes Character Reveal Trailer

Update: Official reveal trailer for Cervantes has now been added.

Goodness me, Cervantes got leaked for Soul Calibur 6 again. I believe the character reveal trailer got posted up on the SoulCalibur official twitter but then quickly taken down so here is a temporary re-upload for the time being. Cervantes returns to the stage of history wielding his longsword and dagger with a pistol attached named Acheron & Nirvana. Check out gameplay of the dreaded pirate in the leaked trailer down below.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

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