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SoulCalibur VI reveals brand new moves coming in Season 2

New trailer, new moves for the entire cast. Get a glimpse at what's in store for Season 2 of SoulCalibur VI from the new gameplay reveal from SEAM 2019. There's no concrete launch date set yet for Season 2 but, we might know once the SoulCalibur VI World Invitational event takes place next month.

876TV ≫

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New Season of SoulCalibur VI announced, guest character Haohmaru included

A new season for SoulCalibur VI begins; New gameplay additions, new stages, a new Season Pass and a new guest character. Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown is now confirmed to be on his way to the game as a guest character included in Season Pass 2! Three other fighters are also included with each of them coming eventually throughout the year and bundled with a set of character creation parts. This new season of gameplay changes and content additions ensures that SoulCalibur VI continues to see continued, ongoing developer support. Check out the EVO 2019 Season 2 reveal trailer for a look into what's next for SoulCalibur VI.

Bandai Namco America

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Tekken 7 - Guest Character Negan Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots

Revealed back at Evo 2018, Negan from The Walking Dead series joins the Tekken 7 roster as a guest character. Here's the complementary gameplay reveal trailer and screenshot batch from the game to get a close look at what the character is all about. Negan will be the 9th premium DLC content for the game and comes with his own playable stage to fight in. You can expect to see Negan alongside Julia Chang be released sometime in 2019.

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Tekken 7 Version 2.02 Update Includes Character Balancing Fixes

Bandai Namco has pushed out a new update to Tekken 7 during this Halloween. The update does include some character balance changes but they're mostly bug fixes to certain moves that weren't working as intended rather than nerfing or buffing characters. The patch notes are already up in English over on the Bandai Namco EU website so here are the full patch notes to Version 2.02 of Tekken 7.

TEKKEN 7 Version 2.02 ≫

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Tekken 7 Version 2.01 Update Fixes Unintended Balancing Issues in Season 2

Update: full notes on the changes made in Version 2.01 have now been added.

Word is out that Tekken 7 on PS4 are now downloading a '2.01' update for the game. The patch notes doesn't say much for it in the update history section but we can probably tell it's for fixing all the balancing errors like Lars' f+2,1 ~ SE 1 being a natural combo and Katarina's ff+2,4 jailing on block. The patch should be out soon for PC players on Steam and Xbox One if it hasn't already been pushed out to everyone so keep an eye out. More details on the update when we get it.

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