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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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AfreecaTV TEKKEN League 2017 Finals

We're at the end of the road, the AfreecaTV TEKKEN League Finals is taking place on Friday night. We've wittled out all the fierce competition that entered the league and the four remaining players left in the Semi-Finals and Grand-Finals are GoAttack, LowHigh, Knee & Qudans. The finals are taking place on 06/17 at 10PM PDT with a four-man double elimination bracket with Match 1 of GoAttack vs Knee and then Match 2 with LowHigh vs Qudans. The action will once again be streamed live worldwide via the AfreecaTV Global stream channel so tune in to catch the finale of the Tekken League featuring world class Tekken 7 from Korea.

ATL 2017 Finals Global Stream ≫

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Tekken 7 - Top 5 Finals from Next Level Battle Circuit v.69

Tekken 7 is now available so come out and play the game at your nearby weeklies. Over at the East Coast in New York, Team Spooky is back running tournaments for Tekken 7 and NLBC #69 was the debut tournament for Tekken 7 on consoles. Notable players entered into the tournament include; NYC Fab, BloodHawk, FightingGM & Renoface with a bonus $1000 crowdfunded prize pool via Matcherino. NLBC was streamed live on but you can now watch the Top 5 archive over on the Team Spooky YouTube channel. If you enjoy the commentary and matches, you can tune into Next Level Battle Circuit live every Wednesday at 8PM EST over at the Twitch channel:

Team Spooky Twitch ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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Tekken 7 Tips for Beginners: Exploring Strings/Combos, Korean Backdash & Mids

Happen to be new around here? Let Aris show you the ropes on several gameplay aspects in Tekken 7 to help get your bearings. There's no particular format for these kinds of videos but you can catch these Tekken 7 session live over on the Twitch channel. Thanks n0pants for the uploads.

ATP YouTube Channel ≫

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Battle Arena Melbourne 9 - Australian Premier FG Tournament Featuring Tekken 7

[Update] Official Youtube archives of the Tekken 7 tournaments from BAM9 have now been added from Team Solid.

Taking place this weekend in the city of Melbourne, Australia is the 9th Battle Arena Toshinden Melbourne! This tournament marks a big deal for region as it is a Capcom Pro Tour event but more importantly has a large showing of Tekken 7 as Bandai Namco Australia is supporting the event by running tournaments for the game with a large amount of setups for people to play. There's even a beginner only Tekken 7 event which is completely free to enter for anyone looking to get into the game. Echo Fox's own JDCR & Saint are also down in the country and entering the tournament offering strong competition for all the Tekken players that are entering. BAM9 goes big this year by upgrading from the previous CQ venues to the much bigger Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and you can catch most of the action live on Twitch as it happens.

Couch Warriors Website ≫

Tournament Twitter Account ≫

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Avoiding The Podcast - Marvel Infinite, Injustice 2 & Still Waiting for Tekken 7

New set of Avoiding the Podcast videos have been uploaded thanks to n0pants and we're a bit light on the Tekken content so these go more into Capcom/NRS games territory. Without further ado, here they are. You can catch these sessions live over on the Twitch channel.

Avoiding the Podcast playlist ≫

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