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Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 does not include any guest characters

Sorry Kazuma Kiryu or Tifa Lockhart fans, come back next season. Talking with Shacknews/GamerHubTV, Tekken 7's producer Michael Murray explained that the remaining two characters (I don't know why they were talking like there was only one left) in Season Pass 3 are not guest characters. As Murray says, the end slate used in the Season 3 roadmap image doesn't have a specific slot with a custom effect which normally indicates the presence of a unique guest fighter. With that said, the Wing Chun fighter Leroy Smith is on his way and we get a small back-and-forth on what to expect from his fighting style. To hear more about the Season 3 DLC from Murray, check out the video interview over on the GamerHubTV YouTube page.


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Tekken 7 Season 3 — Zafina returns & new moves for the entire roster

Season 3 has begun this month and with it, comes the next cycle of gameplay changes and new fighters joining the game. Zafina is back as the introductory character featured in Tekken 7's Season Pass 3 and she comes with a big gameplay update that introduces new moves to the entire cast and makes some gameplay balance changes. There's also new preset costumes for the cast which are select-able making for a welcome addition to tournaments as well as for players looking for different outfits without having to go unlock and set them on in the customization mode. Zafina, the major balance changes, play stats, online rank adjustment and the rest of the content featured in Season Pass #3 await you in year 3 of console/PC Tekken 7.

TEKKEN 7 Version 3.00 Update Note

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Tekken tunes are now available on popular music streaming platforms

Catching up on the news of the past month, most of the Tekken franchise's musical albums were recently published on multiple digital streaming services. You can now legally stream or own the music from the Tekken games on most of your devices that support internet playback and downloading. The music from all of the mainline Tekken games is available online excluding the two Tekken Tag games which are seemingly absent as of this time. Certain songs also appear to be missing in several of these albums which I assume is due to licensing issues, but this now makes for a large library of Tekken music available online. If you haven't already found them yet, you can look for the Tekken tunes by searching for 'Namco Sounds' or 'Tekken' on whichever music service of your choice. (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play Music, Apple Music and Napster)

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Season 3 of Tekken 7 announced with new characters and free updates

Revealed live on stage during Evo 2019, the third season for Tekken 7 is on its way! Season 3 brings in another wave of free balance updates to the game with the Season Pass including four new characters, one new feature and a new stage added to the game. Returning character Zafina is back as she kicks off the new season alongside the brand new fighter Leroy Smith. Zafina will be available in September with Leroy Smith coming in Winter. The Season 3 reveal trailer is now live over on the Bandai Namco America YouTube channel.

Bandai Namco America

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Tekken 7 sales exceed 4 million copies

Tekken 7 launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam back in June of 2017 and as of March 2019, Bandai Namco is proud to announce that the title has gone off to achieve over 4 million copies sold worldwide. Tekken 7 achieving 4 million units currently places the entire Tekken series at 48 million sold in total with I believe Tekken 7 almost at Tekken 6's sales and nearing Tekken Tag 1, Tekken 5 & Tekken 3's numbers. To commemorate the occasion, the 3 million milestone artwork updated with the Season 2 characters barring all the 2D and guest characters (as it should be). As for what's next for the Tekken series, we might know soon enough with Evo 2019 set to take place early next month.

4 Million Copies Sold for Tekken 7 ≫