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Gallery - Tekken 7 Anna Williams & Lei Wulong Character Reveal Screenshots

Special police supercop Lei Wulong and Kazuya's personal bodyguard Anna Williams have been revealed to be in the second season pass for Tekken 7, and they come with their own personal batch of in-game gameplay screenshots. Get a closer look at the new returning characters in their new outfits inside Tekken 7. Screenshots comes courtesy of Bandai Namco.

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Tekken 7 Second Season Pass Includes Anna, Lei Wulong & Negan from The Walking Dead

A new season of Tekken 7 begins, with new characters on the way! Returning Tekken characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong are coming back along with a completely out there guest character in Negan from The Walking Dead TV series. There is actually a lot in this trailer to dig into as it shows off that the new season pass isn't just more characters but also system mechanic and character balance changes with new moves and even Rage Drives. It's like a big Tekken arcade styled '*R' update but this time for everybody. Check out the new characters in action and look forward to even more character reveals on the way!

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The Art of Tekken: A Complete Visual History Hard Cover Artbook Coming October 30th

A new hard cover artbook for the Tekken series has been revealed to be coming out on October 30th via an Amazon store page listing. The description for the artbook details a huge 250 pages filled with Tekken concept art, developer insights/interviews and the Tekken series' entire history and lore up to the latest game of Tekken 7. It's being published by Dynamite Entertainment with Nick Hurwitch as the author and pre-orders for The Art of Tekken is now open for $40 on the US Amazon store page. Thanks goes to jdevil for the tip.

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Tekken 7 - OFdp's Anti-Jack 7 Tutorial

OFdp (@OFdpTZ) stands for 'old floppy donkey penis'. Just thought y'all would like to know that before you dive into his new Anti-Jack tutorial in Tekken 7. Learn a thing or two about how to deal with that giant robot from a guy that's been playing the character for years:

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Qanba Unveils Limited Edition Tekken World Tour Arcade Sticks

Bandai Namco and Qanba have come together to announce that new Limited Edition Tekken World Tour arcade sticks are soon coming our way. These limited edition of the Qanba Obsidian and the Qanba Drone arcade sticks are adorned with official Tekken art featuring the 8-bit Tekken character set and crying Heihachi logo. The arcade stick designs will hopefully become a memorable collector's piece to stay classy and relevant long after the year of competitive Tekken action at the Tekken World Tour concludes. Onto the functionality, the Qanba Drone maintains its design as a competitively priced entry arcade stick that is lightweight, smaller and comfortable making it an easy travel option. The Obsidian is the more extravagant arcade stick featuring quality Sanwa parts and a larger form factor. The Tekken World Tour editions of both sticks are said to go on sale later during Q4 of this year so keep your eyes peeled over at Qanba for news on when the new limited editions will go on sale:

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