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Tekken 7 sales exceed 4 million copies

Tekken 7 launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam back in June of 2017 and as of March 2019, Bandai Namco is proud to announce that the title has gone off to achieve over 4 million copies sold worldwide. Tekken 7 achieving 4 million units currently places the entire Tekken series at 48 million sold in total with I believe Tekken 7 almost at Tekken 6's sales and nearing Tekken Tag 1, Tekken 5 & Tekken 3's numbers. To commemorate the occasion, the 3 million milestone artwork updated with the Season 2 characters barring all the 2D and guest characters (as it should be). As for what's next for the Tekken series, we might know soon enough with Evo 2019 set to take place early next month.

4 Million Copies Sold for Tekken 7 ≫


Harada: "Taking some effort to review the wake-up system quite extensively"

Famitsu managed to interview Harada after the San Diego Comic Con panel yesterday and managed to get some interesting tidbits about the direction Tekken 7 is going in. In summary the direction Tekken 7 seems to be going in a return to roots and focusing a lot on accessibilty to both newer and core players of the series. The full translation of the interview is below provided by Eventhubs.

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Female Vampire wins fan vote for the next Tekken Revolution Character

 And the Second big thing from the Namco panel was that the Female Vampire has won the vote from the facebook poll and the audience's applause at this years SDCC. To see more concept art and the other 3 concepts, hit the jump below.

-UPDATE- Cleaner Pictures of Tekken Force & Vampire Characters Released

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Tekken Revolution San Diego Comic Con Panel Highlights

Harada and Micheal Murray recently did a panel at SDCC to talk about Tekken Revolution.  It was overall things everyone already knows, but there are some interesting things he said. Here a list of some of things he discussed below.

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