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Tekken X Street Fighter is Currently 'Pending', Development is at 30%

The Tekken x Street Fighter project is still alive, somewhere in the depths of Bandai Namco Entertainment's studio offices. While the current priorities for the Tekken team are focusing on the ongoing support for Tekken 7, the vision for the 3D cross-over between the two franchises is still in a comatose state; the game has not been seen at all since it's announcement back at San Diego Comic-Con of 2010. We've gotten piecemeal bits of info about it before but the latest for TxSF comes from Harada during the live stream for Kuro Kuro's year-end Tekken drinking party. In his words, Tekken x Street Fighter is still 'Pending', which is pretty much another way of saying that the title is 'on hold' in terms of priority. The development of Tekken x Street Fighter currently sits at the 30% mark so there is still a long way to go. While reading and answering the chat, Harada also briefly spoke about some other topics. For those asking about a third Season Pass for Tekken 7, he answered that it could happen, depending on the sales of the previous Season Passes. On the potential of a Switch release of Tekken 7, that is dependent on the demand from fans so let them know if you're interested in seeing that happen. If you want to check out the full sit-down and chat session with Harada from the party, you can find the archive over on Kuro Kuro's Twitch channel.

Kuro Kuro's End of the Year Tekken Party Archive ≫

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TekkenGamer's Interview with Katsuhiro Harada

Tekken 7's chief producer Katsuhiro Harada breaks the long silence in a new interview conducted by the TekkenGamer crew. With the initial Tekken 7 content roadmap having been completed a long awhile ago, the comments made in this interview together with the recent 1 year anniversary content drop for the game at least reaffirms that the title hasn't been abandoned for people pining for more. Other notable mentions made in the interview are about Noctis' inclusion in the game, on Kazuma Kiryu's inclusion, a small status update for the dormant Tekken X Street Fighter title and more. This interview makes for some interesting insight behind the title so be sure to check out the piece in full over on TekkenGamer:

TekkenGamer's Harada Interview ≫

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Round-Up: Tekken 7 Interviews At Jump Festa 2016

Jump Festa 2016 was a mainly Anime/Manga event that went down in Japan this past weekend but Bandai Namco Entertainment was present to announce a whole slew of games. Gaming press at the event got the chance to get updates on the Tekken series by interviewing the lead game designer and Harada's personal translator Michael Murray. There's piecemeal bits of information on Tekken 7 & Tekken X Street Fighter revealed accross numerous sites so this post will be rounding it all up.

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Bas Gros Poing's Interviews With Harada On The Development Of Tekken X Street Fighter

French Gaming site Bas Gros Poing conducted several interviews with Tekken Project's lead producer Katushiro Harada and Michael Murray back in 2011, 2012 & 2013 on the development of Tekken X Street Fighter. The interviews were in complete French and published on the site but for the sake of sharing this series of interviews, the Bas Gros Poing YouTube channel recently uploaded a compilation of the interviews making it more accessible to everyone. It's a pretty insightful set of interviews and may be of interest to those that like to follow the development of Bandai Namco's upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter game. Worth mentioning however, the interviews are quite old now so the information inside them may be out of date.

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Tekken Revolution San Diego Comic Con Panel Highlights

Harada and Micheal Murray recently did a panel at SDCC to talk about Tekken Revolution.  It was overall things everyone already knows, but there are some interesting things he said. Here a list of some of things he discussed below.

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