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TekkenGamer's Interview with Katsuhiro Harada

Tekken 7's chief producer Katsuhiro Harada breaks the long silence in a new interview conducted by the TekkenGamer crew. With the initial Tekken 7 content roadmap having been completed a long awhile ago, the comments made in this interview together with the recent 1 year anniversary content drop for the game at least reaffirms that the title hasn't been abandoned for people pining for more. Other notable mentions made in the interview are about Noctis' inclusion in the game, on Kazuma Kiryu's inclusion, a small status update for the dormant Tekken X Street Fighter title and more. This interview makes for some interesting insight behind the title so be sure to check out the piece in full over on TekkenGamer:

TekkenGamer's Harada Interview ≫


▌Katsuhiro Harada Interview Snippets
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Noctis’ movelist and commands are very simple. Was the goal to make him easier to use as far as inputs and execution for the newcomers and RPG players? Or is this just the goal overall, to make Tekken easier from here on out?

In general, one of the goals is to make Tekken more accessible. However, making everything about the game too simple will decrease the freedom of gameplay. In order to avoid this, we try to divide this by character concepts, rather than make everyone easy to use just for the sake of it. As for Noctis, he was intentionally created to be more accessible to newcomers.

Not long ago it was reported that Yakuza producer Daisuke Sato said that it’s up to you if fans get to see Kazuma Kiryu in Tekken 7. Think that will ever happen? And why do you think Tekken fans want him in the game so bad?

Regarding Yakuza, even before Tekken 7, there was a group of hardcore fans that were asking for a collaboration (there are even some fans of the Yakuza series on our team!). However, we have not yet done the research on whether this is something our audience as a whole are interested in, and also if it would be a big topic among the community. We were actually surprised that there was a group of fans on the Yakuza side that were asking for a collaboration with Tekken. Maybe there is a crossover among the fan bases?

Now that we’ve reached the end of all things promised in the Season Pass, is there a possibility of more DLC with new stages and characters? Is there a Season Pass 2 around the corner?

Tekken 7 sales have met expectations of both management and shareholders, so I believe we have enough good will to ask for further investment from them. So, yes, I think it is safe to expect more to come!

Where do things stand with Tekken x Street Fighter?

It’s still on hold part-way through development. Even now, one can get quite excited when seeing some of the schedules and some of the character models that were already created.

Read in full at ≫

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