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Round-Up: Tekken 7 Interviews At Jump Festa 2016

Jump Festa 2016 was a mainly Anime/Manga event that went down in Japan this past weekend but Bandai Namco Entertainment was present to announce a whole slew of games. Gaming press at the event got the chance to get updates on the Tekken series by interviewing the lead game designer and Harada's personal translator Michael Murray. There's piecemeal bits of information on Tekken 7 & Tekken X Street Fighter revealed accross numerous sites so this post will be rounding it all up.

Game Reactor TV
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Interview with Michael Murray and Kousuke Waki (Tekken 7 Character Modeling Director)

Wired UK
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Quotes from Murray:

"When we announced that we're going to do something with virtual reality, people were like 'oh, so you're going to be playing in first person and hitting each other? That sounds like crap!'"

"There was a hidden command in Tekken 2 [where you could play in first person] that was cool in itself but you wouldn't want to do that for your whole Tekken fix, right? So probably not that. People like Tekken the way that it is as far as the core gameplay."

"I think people think we're going to incorporate VR into the main game itself, when we don't currently see a way that that would enhance Tekken to a new level better than what it would be right now."

"The only hints we could probably give is that Tekken is ultimately all about the characters. You want to see the cool characters, the cute female characters like Lucky Chloe, and we have all kinds of customisation for them and they have all these cool techniques that are motion captured.... something that would allow people to enjoy the game in that aspect maybe is about all we can say."

"I don't think people have had their hands on VR much, aside from trade shows and such,""So what is an optimal experience? Is it an environment [itself] or is it because you're in it, and how does that relate to you and your opponent? Because it is a fighting game, that's the major mechanic."

"I think people just assume 'Oh Tekken is a head to head game, and it's going to be in VR so you'll just punch each other like Punch Out or something',"

"I think that's where the misconception comes in. We're not going to do that. It doesn't lend itself to a fighting game well, so we want to find something that isn't that but still pleases fans. [Tekken senior producer] Katsuhiro Harada always illustrates it as, if someone's right in your face, punching, it's very jarring and disorienting, not that fun experience you want."

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Quotes from Murray on Arcade to Console connectivity:

"That's something our subsidiary [Bandai Namco Holdings] is actually asking about...we're still exploring what's entailed in trying to even achieve that."

"If you're playing on PS4, you've bought that game, you might meet some real jerk online who disconnects because he's going to lose,"

"You get angry, but there's no big deal, because it's not like it cost you any money because of that. But in the arcade, if you're linked to that person, you're paying ¥100 (about $1.00) to play, and the match gets interrupted, then we could get a lot of complaints about that."

"We haven't decided one way or the other yet."

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GameBlog FR
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Note: These articles are all in French and I'll be using google translate to get them into English. Mistranslations abound.


Street Fighter and Tekken they share the same universe? (Michael Murray)

Akuma will be added to Tekken 7 via Tekken 7. Fated Retribution, which is a major update of the game We had already left clues as to his presence in the game but nobody realized.

In the trailer for Tekken 7, Kazumi talking to a mysterious person on the doorstep. Everyone concluded that it was Heihachi, but it was Akuma.

We would not go as far as saying that the Street Fighter universe is integrally connected to Tekken. Tekken has always its own history and atmosphere. This unique part of the Mishima saga contains a window where Akuma plays a role. As a character, it fits very well in this environment. It does not look out of his element in Tekken. But add to this part of the story makes it even better mixing.

But I would not say that the two universes are linked. Just this part.

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Tekken 7: Michael Murray (Namco) speaks PlayStation VR mode:

It is a subject on which we can not talk much. The thing with the virtual reality is qu'Harada, who is the producer of the title, is also involved in Summer Lesson, which is a pioneer in virtual reality game.

The goal is to test the feeling, the atmosphere and the space between a human opponent. Because even if it is a character controlled by the computer, virtual reality gives you the impression that it is a real person. Maybe some of the ideas he tried also end up in our game (Tekken 7).

We are not sure what we'll do. We can however say that it will not be "Tekken is now on view in the first person and you type on you in virtual reality. "This is not what we envision. But regarding the content of this virtual reality mode, it's probably something we'll talk more about when we approach the release of the console version of Tekken 7.

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