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Tekken 7 At Final Round XX - Top 8 YouTube Archives

Missed out on all the Tekken 7 action from Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend? Catch up with the recent uploads of all the Top 8 matches from this year's Final Round tournament. All videos embedded below should be in sequential playback order as it was streamed. For all official Tekken tournament / event related content, be sure to subscribe to the Bandai Namco Fight Channel and keep your eyes peeled over at the Tekken Twitch channel throughout this year leading up to the launch of the game on June 2.

Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel ≫

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Check Out 7 Hours of the Latest Tekken 7 Console Build from Copenhagen FGC

Now here's a better stream to check out the Tekken 7 PS4 build with. The Copenhagen FGC got their hands on the latest build which includes both Lee & Miguel and streamed 7 whole hours from it. I'm sure veteran Lee & Miguel players will be combing through this archive for any character changes coming into the game. It's also good to check up on how the current build is doing. You can check it out over on CopenhagenFGC.

CopenhagenFGC ≫

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Tekken Podcast - The Player's Messej Featuring JustFrameJames

Season 2 of Setnomessej's series of 'The Player's Messej' Tekken podcasts has come around and features for this episode an interview with SoCal's extraordinaire Marshall Law / Yoshimitsu player Just Frame James. Just Frame James has been around the US Tekken scene for quite awhile now being one of region's more competitive & notable players since Tekken 6. Found within is an extensive interview spanning roughly 2 hours as JFJ divulges his character choices in Tekken, his current thoughts on Tekken 7 including his tier list, how the guest character Akuma factors into the game and much more. The podcast was recently streamed live over Setnomessej's Twitch channel but the YouTube archive is now available for those that want to catch up. You can check out this episode of the podcast as well Setnomessej's other videos on his YouTube channel:

Setnomessej ≫

Just Frame James ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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Video Footage From Tekken 7 FR Location Tests in Japan

The Tekken 7 Location tests in Japan are well underway and we now have a bunch of video footage to sift through looking for all kinds of new stuff. First off, the official Tekken twitch channel recently streamed several hours of footage from Day 2 of the Location tests from Namco Sugamo arcade and the Twitch archive is now available for viewing. Big thanks to Shudy and the Tekken team for setting up the Twitch stream. I'm so glad I didn't have to sit through a niconico stream.

Tekken Twitch ≫


Secondly, there's been a large amount of videos to come out from the Tekken 7 Fated Retribution location tests so rather then embed everything, you can watch the videos on the following linked YouTube channels:

725 ≫

Ghafarinho ≫

Jt Chinoy ≫

Double-Dee ≫

Takenoko ≫

Tsuruyatti ≫

Nistelj ≫

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OzHadou Nationals 12 - Top 8 Match Videos

OzHadou Nationals 12, the latest in the longest running fighting game tournament series in Australia wrapped up this past weekend and there's now Top 8 footage available for viewing on ZeroX03's YouTube channel. If you need it, the challonge bracket for the tournament with the results can be found here.

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