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NorCal STRONGSTYLE 6 | Dedicated Tekken Tournament Event Taking Place Feb 10 - 11

Strongstyle returns this weekend in Northern California! The sixth Strongstyle event sees players from Europe, Japan, Korea fly into San Jose, California to take on the American competition from all over the country. Tekken 7 is being featured as the main tournament event alongside side tournaments for Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and Tekken Ball Mode from Tekken 3. If you're a Tekken player, this event is not one to miss. Have no worries if you can't make it there however, for this occasion, StrongStyle is being streamed live over on Team Spooky's Twitch channel. For more details on the event like scheduling, brackets and more, check out the StrongStyle website:

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MASTERCUP Tekken Fight Club Niconico Stream on July 25th

Tomorrow night in Tokyo, Japan is the MASTERCUP Tekken Fight Club stream on niconico. The niconico "" (闘.ch) is presenting an online broadcast with the large-scale user community tournament MASTERCUP and Tekken playing pros Yuu & Nobi from Yamasa for a Tekken Fight Club special. Bandai Namco is confirmed for an appearance with Tekken dev team members Katushiro Harada and Nakatsu to appear as guests and present the latest news on Tekken 7 during the stream. The broadcast will go over the MASTERCUP series of tournaments, feature a Tekken lesson from Tekken pros with an online tournament after it and then potentially new announcements regarding Tekken 7 so tune in tomorrow at 8 PM Japan time (4 AM PDT) to catch the broadcast live. Link to the niconico stream and schedule can be found below:


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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 - North America Finals Going Live on November 9

The culmination of all the Tekken USA Tour events is taking place during this week in the city of San Francisco. Ruby Skye will be the destination set for all the qualified USA competitors to come battle it out to see who is best suit to represent America for the King Of Iron Fist 2016 Global finals held in Japan next month. For players that have not yet qualified into the NA Finals, there is a last chance qualifier a day before that is open to USA residents present that will give another window to make it in. A live stream is being organized so you can catch the action live but for the people in attendance, you'll get opportunities to meet the lead Tekken developers with signing sessions, grab yourself new Tekken related merchandising and meet top US Tekken players at the event. Last chance qualifier is on November 8 (Tuesday) with the NA Finals on November 9 (Wednesday.) For full details for the event including buying admission tickets, you can check out the website:

KOIFT 2016 North America ≫

KOIFT 2016 NA Finals Stream URL ≫

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OzHadou Nationals 14 | Australian Fighting Game Tournament on Aug 26 - 28

Taking place this weekend in the city of Sydney is OzHadou Nationals 14, an Australian fighting game event that is the longest running tournament series in the country. The arcade version of Tekken 7 (vanilla) makes an appearance at the event as a main tournament game with the updated version T7 Fated Retribution available for competitors to play at the venue on the side. (Thanks to Bandai Namco AU!) Some of Australia's well regarded Tekken players from Melbourne & Brisbane are there and will be going up against the forces of Sydney and it'll be a treat to see if they can defend home court this time around. OHN14 is also a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking event with Diago Umehara participating making it one not to miss if you also happen to play other fighting games. For full details on the tournament such as scheduling and player brackets, you can catch them on the OHN 14 website. The Tekken 7 tournament will be mostly streamed on Yigg's Twitch channel up until the Top 8 finals which will move over to the OzHadou channel so follow those channels and tune in this weekend to catch it all live.

OzHadou Nationals 14 ≫

TEKKEN Stream (Pools) ≫

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YUU NOBI CUP | MASTERCUP 5on5 Tekken 7 Tournament on May 4

Taking place tomorrow at the Namco Hakata Bus Terminal arcade is the YUU NOBI CUP 5on5 tournament. Named after famed Japanese top players Yuu and Nobi, this MASTERCUP tournament pits the best East Japan has to offer against the south in TEKKEN 7. The tournament is being streamed entirely on so you can watch all the TEKKEN 7 action live on the Game Newton channel. Additionally, later tonight in Japan (May 3) is the TEAM YUU VS TEAM NOBI 'Night before the tournament' event taking place at the same arcade in Fukuoka Japan. Everyone out there interested in watching fierce Tekken competition, this event is not one to miss.


Team YUU VS Team Nobi ≫

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