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NorCal STRONGSTYLE 6 | Dedicated Tekken Tournament Event Taking Place Feb 10 - 11

Strongstyle returns this weekend in Northern California! The sixth Strongstyle event sees players from Europe, Japan, Korea fly into San Jose, California to take on the American competition from all over the country. Tekken 7 is being featured as the main tournament event alongside side tournaments for Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and Tekken Ball Mode from Tekken 3. If you're a Tekken player, this event is not one to miss. Have no worries if you can't make it there however, for this occasion, StrongStyle is being streamed live over on Team Spooky's Twitch channel. For more details on the event like scheduling, brackets and more, check out the StrongStyle website:

SS6 Live Stream Channel ≫

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StrongStyle Website ≫

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NorCal StrongStyle Returns February 10-11, 2018

And it's back! StrongStyle 2018 is taking place February 10/11, 2018 at the DoubleTree by the Hilton Hotel in San Jose, California. It's been 3 years since the last StrongStyle event but this dedicated Tekken tournament series will see Tekken 7 being played when it comes back in early 2018. Team Spooky and the 10/0 team will be organizing the production behind the event with EightArc and Qanba USA sponsoring the event. In the words of NSS subt-L, this event will be streamed live this time so you won't miss it but you'll still want to be in the event in person. Can personally confirm, StrongStyle~5 was a great event looking back at Tekken Tag Tournament 2's life. Look out for more news and info on the tournament later as we get closer to the date. For now, check out the Strongstyle 2018 teaser video.

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Norcal StrongStyle~5 Live Bracket Making Archive

For those who missed it, the Twitch archives of the creation of the pools for the upcoming Norcal StrongStyle tournament this month are available now for viewing. Watch Bronson Tran and subt-L rig the brackets and talk shit about most of the players entered. There's no quality options for the twitch archives so if you are like me and have really bad internet, you'll probably be stuck buffering the videos until there's a YouTube archive or something. You can have a look at the google docs of the brackets though below. For further updates on the tournament, be sure to follow their twitter account. (@NorcalSS)

StrongStyle~5 Pools

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NORCAL STRONGSTYLE ~5 Second Trailer Released!

Holy fuck, I'm going to StrongStyle! I'm still quite shook that the Tekken community has given me the opportunity to participate at the next StrongStyle tournament this year. I'd love to get the chance to meet and play with everyone that helped me out in achieving all this so If you yourself happen to be going to the event, please don't hesitate to come and say hi and get some matches with me as I'm more then welcome to! I'll be joining this tournament's current large league of international competition at the event so I'm looking forward to what is shaping up to be one of the greatest tournaments held for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you missed the Second StrongStyle~5 Trailer from the recent ATP LIVE episode, you can find it on the Iplaywinner YouTube channel.

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Tekken Devil Tournament: NCSS Qualifier Archive

MadCatz were present in Rome, Italy for the Euroepean qualifier of Norcal Strong Style. There were nearly 100 players in attendance that battled in Round Robin format for pools where the top 2 entered a 32 man bracket to determine the winner. Italy's premier players were in attendance along with Poland's Devil exhibting a great display of skills throughout.

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