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The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Grand Finals Going Live on December 10

Join us in tuning into the Grand Finals for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016. It's been a long time coming but it's time to conclude the year with a big final Tekken tournament to crown our champion of the world. Bandai Namco is organizing an English Twitch stream for the world to tune in and we have a handful of commentators over there in Japan to give us play by plays of the action live. And of course, a new announcement related to the Tekken franchise is expected to take place after all the fierce Tekken competition concludes so there is that to also look forward too. The Grand Finals kicks off in Japan at 9:30 AM Japan time on December 10 (Dec 9 at 4:30 PM PST / 7:30 PM EST) and you can watch it live here:

TKOIFT Grand Finals Stream ≫

The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 ≫

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The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 - Country Representatives & Event Dates Revealed

The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 website has been updated detailing new information on the global Tekken tournament for this year. TKOIFT 2016 will be running Tekken 7 Fated Retribution and hold Japanese qualifiers in both the cities of Osaka and Tokyo like last year during the month of November. Japan will be getting in total 6 player representatives under the 3 divisions; "Anyone", Students & Female groups in the Grand Finals. Alongside the Japanese, Korea will be getting 8 players, 1st and 2nd place at EVO 2016 will be given spots and player representatives from North America, Europe & Asia will go to the finals scheduled for the 10th of December this year. For more details on the tournament including rulings and prizes, check out the website:


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The Launch of Tekken 7 in South East Asian Regions

Official announcement of the launch of Tekken 7 Arcade version in the South East Asia region recently broke out on the english Tekken-net website. It's been 6 months since the official launch of the game in Japan back in March but now areas such as Thailand, the Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand and more will be now be able to get their hands on Tekken 7 cabinets and be able to play. Although September 24th marks the launch of Tekken 7 in SEA, the Tekken-net component to support the game will not go live until October 6th so If you do manage to find a cabinet, it will not be feature complete with the banapass cards until then.

The Launch of "TEKKEN 7" ≫

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Virtualand Singapore Getting Tekken 7 in September

The FaceBook page for Virtualand Singapore just posted a teaser saying that they're set to receive Tekken 7 in their arcades in September this year. I'm not sure if this will be a location test or a full release of the game in the South East Asian region yet but it's good to finally see Tekken 7 being more available then just Korea / Japan. There's not much else said about the news since it's just being teased but should you be in the area, this might be worth looking forward to.

Virtualand Singapore ≫

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NORCAL STRONGSTYLE ~5 Second Trailer Released!

Holy fuck, I'm going to StrongStyle! I'm still quite shook that the Tekken community has given me the opportunity to participate at the next StrongStyle tournament this year. I'd love to get the chance to meet and play with everyone that helped me out in achieving all this so If you yourself happen to be going to the event, please don't hesitate to come and say hi and get some matches with me as I'm more then welcome to! I'll be joining this tournament's current large league of international competition at the event so I'm looking forward to what is shaping up to be one of the greatest tournaments held for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 yet. If you missed the Second StrongStyle~5 Trailer from the recent ATP LIVE episode, you can find it on the Iplaywinner YouTube channel.

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