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Soul Calibur 6 Launch Trailer

Having been dormant for years, the SoulCalibur series finally sees the revival. SOULCALIBUR VI is out tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC via Steam! Ushering in the launch of the brand new game, Bandai Namco unveils the launch trailer to commemorate the release. Welcome back everyone to the stage of history.


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The Launch of Tekken 7 in South East Asian Regions

Official announcement of the launch of Tekken 7 Arcade version in the South East Asia region recently broke out on the english Tekken-net website. It's been 6 months since the official launch of the game in Japan back in March but now areas such as Thailand, the Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand and more will be now be able to get their hands on Tekken 7 cabinets and be able to play. Although September 24th marks the launch of Tekken 7 in SEA, the Tekken-net component to support the game will not go live until October 6th so If you do manage to find a cabinet, it will not be feature complete with the banapass cards until then.

The Launch of "TEKKEN 7" ≫

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Tekken 7 Launch Version Imminent, New Details on Local Play in Arcades

March 18 is less then 2 days away from now and this will mark the availability of the game to arcades countrywide in Japan as well as arcades outside. The official website was just updated to provide details on the new local play functions that will be added to the game in the full launch version making it now available to play offline instead of being online only. There's also some other news to report on this build, it seems that the practice mode will be getting delayed slightly as it will now appear in arcades on March 26th. You can see the details of the offline local play in the official Tekken 7 website.


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