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New Set of Tekken 7 Character Art Panels are Dropping into Arcades on April 26

The arcades are set to receive a new batch of character art panels on April 26, the Tekken official website announces. These art panels are drawn by various artists at Bandai Namco and can be equipped as your character customization to use during the VS load screen. The older character art panels that were made for the console version of the game featuring international artists are also making their way to the arcades so everyone there can truly appreciate Mister Cartoon's King. There is no word yet on when these new artwork will be coming to the console version of the Tekken 7 but here's a small gallery of all the new art coming to Arcade Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

Tekken 7 Arcade Character Art Panels ≫

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Master Raven Arrives in Arcades on September 15 in New Update Ver. D09

A new update on Tekken-Official details the upcoming update coming to Tekken 7 Fated Retribution in arcades named Ver. D09 on September 15th. It includes the recently announced Master Raven character coming to arcades in Japan and Korea for players to use as well as a new game mode which I'm not sure how to name it at the moment but seems to suggest some kind of 'Item Battle.' In addition, it lists a new wave of game balance changes arriving to the game but since this was a forward notice of the update, the full notes of the balance changes coming will be published in the near future. For now, people looking forward to the character will be pleased to know that they can start watching / playing the character on September 15th in arcades.

T7FR Update Ver. D09 ≫


Tekken 7 - Kazumi Mishima Trailer

Fresh off the official Tekken Youtube channel! Kazumi Mishima was previously a final boss for Tekken 7 in arcades but she will now be available as a playable character in arcades on the regularly schedule Tuesday character releases - June 2th.

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Tekken 7 - Josie Rizal Movelist Rundown  

Josie Rizal has been out in Japanese arcades for a small period of time now but it wasn't until the 28th of April did Korea finally get the chance to play as her. And with that, the official Korean Tekken-net website has updated with her movelist and the Game Plaza Gao arcade has once again provided a complete movelist video for Josie which I'll be using for this rundown. Given a brief glance at her movelist, she shares a lot of similarities with Bruce Irvin from previous Tekken games however she has her little own spin on the moveset. She'd probably be a great place to start if any Bruce players were looking into getting into Tekken 7. Let's begin.

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Tekken 7 - New Character Gigas Officially Revealed, Available in Arcades on April 28th!

UPDATE #2: Added new Gigas Screenshots from Gamer.

UPDATE: Added official media/news onto this piece!

Just announced on the CAPCOM TV Chokaigi niconico stream, Tekken 7's newest character is a giant red colossus character named Gigas. Gigas is set to make his appearance in Tekken 7 in arcades on April 28th which is this upcoming Tuesday. On Gigas' background, there's little known about the character officially as his nationality is 'DATA DELETED' with his fighting style being listed as 'DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSE' (破壊衝動). Character CGI render, screenshot and a official reveal trailer can be spotted below.

Tekken Official ≫

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