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Tekken 7 - Josie Rizal Movelist Rundown  

Josie Rizal has been out in Japanese arcades for a small period of time now but it wasn't until the 28th of April did Korea finally get the chance to play as her. And with that, the official Korean Tekken-net website has updated with her movelist and the Game Plaza Gao arcade has once again provided a complete movelist video for Josie which I'll be using for this rundown. Given a brief glance at her movelist, she shares a lot of similarities with Bruce Irvin from previous Tekken games however she has her little own spin on the moveset. She'd probably be a great place to start if any Bruce players were looking into getting into Tekken 7. Let's begin.

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Tekken 7 - Shaheen Movelist Rundown

Next up for the movelist rundown treatment is Shaheen who joins the Tekken 7 roster from Saudi Arabia. With a officially proclaimed 'Military Fighting Style,' Shaheen slides, flips and acrobatically attacks opponents while also having a 'Stealth Step' movement command to help him approach offensively. This new character in Tekken 7 seems to be among the popular new characters seeing as the utilization rate in arcades in Japan list him among the top of the list with Kazuya, King and Bryan. Once again, footage of Shaheen's movelist is courtesy of the Game Plaza Gao arcade's YouTube channel.

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