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Translated Highlights from LowHigh's Self-Analysis Stream of Beast Arena Hong Kong

Fresh off his recent Tekken World Tour win, LowHigh went home to Korea to quickly do a post-tournament analysis stream where he goes in depth into his decision making during his matches. Since the stream was primarily Korean discussion, we have Yoshikki over on r/Tekken to thank for translating most of the notable bits from the stream. It's an elaborate piece of work that goes into the strategy of the matches so it makes for a really good read if you want to delve deeper into LowHigh's mind and what he thought about his opponents during the tournament. An archive of the stream can be found below but here's a link to the full post by Yoshikki over on r/Tekken.

Yoshikki's Translation of LowHigh's Stream ≫

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Tekken 7 - LowHigh VS Karei Arcade Deathmatches

Thanks goes to Shudy for the video uploads. This series of deathmatches played at Namco Sugamo feature relatively newer young blood players in both LowHigh from Korea and Karei from western Japan. You may remember seeing these two players from their Top 8 performances from the King of Iron Fight Global Finals last year so this match-up is one to watch. LowHigh uses both Shaheen and Bryan here up against Karei's Kazumi and the deathmatches span roughly 2 hours all together so plenty to enjoy.

Shudy's YouTube channel ≫

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TEKKEN 7 Famitsu Site Opens - Story Background for New Characters Revealed

Famitsu has opened a dedicated page for their coverage of TEKKEN 7 during TGS 2016 and they have the story background for the new characters in the game. It details the basic overall lore for the characters and gives you an idea why they've entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7. Gonna add a quick note that usually when you read character background lore they have a flavorful style of text to them but I'm going to unofficially translate these bios until they are released officially in English. You can read the source of the backgrounds in Japanese over on Famitsu Tekken 7 page.

Famitsu TEKKEN 7 coverage ≫

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Tekken 7 - Kazumi Mishima Practice Mode and Match Footage

With Kazumi now being out in Japanese arcades, that rounds up the current Tekken 7 roster to a total of 27 characters with 7 of which being new ones. Kazumi is for now the last time release character for a while so this current roster is probably going to be the full roster at upcoming US events like EVO 2015. You can see how Kazumi plays and handles with the numerous gameplay footage now available on these following channels:

GuntamaMiraclein ≫


ゲームプラザGAO北千住店 ≫

アキラ鈴木 ≫

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Tekken 7 - Kazumi Mishima Trailer

Fresh off the official Tekken Youtube channel! Kazumi Mishima was previously a final boss for Tekken 7 in arcades but she will now be available as a playable character in arcades on the regularly schedule Tuesday character releases - June 2th.

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