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TEKKEN 7 Famitsu Site Opens - Story Background for New Characters Revealed

Famitsu has opened a dedicated page for their coverage of TEKKEN 7 during TGS 2016 and they have the story background for the new characters in the game. It details the basic overall lore for the characters and gives you an idea why they've entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7. Gonna add a quick note that usually when you read character background lore they have a flavorful style of text to them but I'm going to unofficially translate these bios until they are released officially in English. You can read the source of the backgrounds in Japanese over on Famitsu Tekken 7 page.

Famitsu TEKKEN 7 coverage ≫

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Tekken 7 - Lucky Chloe Movelist Rundown 

oh no. Lucky Chloe is yet another new character that joins the Tekken 7 roster and there's actually a lot more to this character than what appears on the surface. Adorning cat ears, knee pads and kitten hand muffs, Lucky Chloe enters the battle with her 'Free Style Dance' techniques hailing from an unknown region. What makes her unique from the roster though is that she has a number of moves that require timed inputs to successfully perform which will take some time to get used to. Let's begin.

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Official Tekken 7 Website Launches (in Japanese only)

Updated on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 8:39PM by Registered CommenterAAK

Earlier today the official Tekken twitter account linked their new official website anticipating the release of Tekken 7 in around 2 weeks. Currently the webiste is under construction and the only things listed are the various arcade centers in Tokyo that are probably going to get Tekken 7. The other thing is that the character section of the website is open and what shows is probably the final roster for release. The things that are listed are a couple of details I don't understand in Japanese along with the respecitive Power Crush move notation along with the Rage Art Notation, including the 2 newer characters whom we didn't get to see playable yet. Images posted below:

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Official 1080p/60fps YouTube Uploads Of Lucky Chloe and New Tekken 7 Trailer

It took a while but Bandai Namco have just uploaded the official 1080p/60fps YouTube version of the trailers recently revealed during the 20th Anniversary event in Japan this past weekend. I believe you'll still need Chrome to watch the footage in 60fps but If you don't want that then I guess you can try downloading the videos to your PC (JDownloader2 supports it) and watching it in full HD. Enjoy the footage from the official Tekken YouTube channel.

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