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Tekken 7 Website Now Online with Character Bios and Game Guides

The Tekken 7 website for western regions has recently been updated and there's some things of note added in there now. Several guide videos have been added which are done by MarkMan that help introduces players to Tekken 7's new mechanics and battle system. There are also character biographies out on there officially in English for those interested in following certain characters in the story. You can check out all of these and more over on the Tekken 7 website here:



Complete Tekken 7 Frame Data Translated by Ranking Battles Norway

Ranking Battles Norway (or RBNorway for short) has recently completed its first version of frame data translation and listed them onto their website. All of the frame data you see there is translated from the Japanese community wiki site inatekken making RBNorway a more easier web page to navigate for the English reading Tekken community. If you plan on playing Tekken 7 in the future and need a quick way to pull up frame data from the game, here is a handy bookmark to have.



Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Japanese Teaser Website Launched

The Tekken Project team rolled out the official website for Tekken 7 Fated Retribution with a story teaser. The stage is set for the upcoming expansion to Tekken 7 that is set to come out in arcades in 2 months time. This signals that activity on the game will be rolling out from now on until the launch and I have a good feeling that the news that we've all been waiting for is right around the corner. (E3 is on June 14-16!)

TEKKEN 7 Fated Retribution ≫

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Official Tekken 7 Website Launches (in Japanese only)

Updated on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 8:39PM by Registered CommenterAAK

Earlier today the official Tekken twitter account linked their new official website anticipating the release of Tekken 7 in around 2 weeks. Currently the webiste is under construction and the only things listed are the various arcade centers in Tokyo that are probably going to get Tekken 7. The other thing is that the character section of the website is open and what shows is probably the final roster for release. The things that are listed are a couple of details I don't understand in Japanese along with the respecitive Power Crush move notation along with the Rage Art Notation, including the 2 newer characters whom we didn't get to see playable yet. Images posted below:

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Tekken Nation Officially Closing Down was once a bustling Tekken website that focused more of the light hearted side to the TEKKEN series in it's heydays. A notable example of which: is of Katsuhiro Harada himself posting on the site clarifying certain details about the game's storyline & characters. The website served as an interesting juxtaposition with the TekkenZaibatsu website which is geared more towards the competitive aspects of the Tekken games. Recently, Cosmic_Castaway posted a thread notifying all readers in advance that the web site will be offline on the 17th of January due to long periods of site inactivity. With this site closure, it feels more like that Tekken Zaibatsu is the main central Tekken hub for the English speaking world despite that website too being generally inactive and feeling a bit too dated for the average user, which will most likely be using social media like a consolidated Facebook group or a twitter account to establish an online presence. Regardless, a lot of Tekken history goes down with the site and there's a bigger void for 'casual' Tekken content on the internet.

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