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Korea's Green Arcade Closes its Doors

The end of an era. Green Game Land (그린게임랜드) in Daerim, South Korea is shutting down. News of the closure was posted by Knee alongside a photo showing the arcade closing up and starting to haul all the cabinets out. For many years, Green Arcade has been the cultural Tekken mecca that produced the best players in the entire world and you can see it with walls filled with posters and trophies across many Tekken games. All the longstanding history from the arcade; dating back to ancient days of the earlier Tekkens, are now over. The future for Korean Tekken in arcades is now uncertain. Thanks for playing.

Green Arcade Closure Notice ≫

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Tekken-Net Service for Vanilla Arcade Version of Tekken 7 Coming to an End on May 31

A Tekken-net service closure notice for the original Tekken 7 release in arcades is coming to an end on May 31st, Bandai Namco announces. The 'Vanilla' release of the game which is the version of the game that came before the 'Fated Retribution' update will have online network functionality shut down and an update patch to enable simple offline play. This will not affect most of the Tekken playing audience at home with the Console/Steam version or arcades with Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, this will discontinue the online network for the original Tekken 7. This includes some parts of Asia that haven't updated to FR yet, or regions in South East Asia and Oceania which were unable to get the updated version of the game since Bandai Namco decided to not offer it to them. Come May 31, those vanilla Tekken 7 cabinets will no longer allow online matchmaking, Banapass card functionality and Tekken-net online website services. You can check out the details of the closure over on Tekken-Net.

Tekken 7.0 Tekken-Net Service Closure Notice ≫

Tekken-Net English Notice ≫

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Tekken Revolution (PS3) Is Coming To An End On March 21, 2017

The free to play Tekken game that was announced back in E3 of 2013 and released on the same month on Playstation 3 has now announced that it is closing down game service and support. The announcement comes from an in-game notice that displays when you boot into the game and Twitter user CensedSonic has posted up an image of the notice. Starting from January 21st, 2017 Tekken Revolution and all related downloadable content for the game will be delisted from the Playstation Stores. The servers will still be up and running for players that own the game prior to the delisting until the later date of March 21, 2017 which will be the date when the game will fully be shut down.

Tweet ≫

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Galaga: TEKKEN 20th Anniversary Edition App Service Termination

An update on Tekken-official appeared notifying everyone that the Galaga Tekken Smartphone app will soon be ending and no longer be available to play. The game which was online since April of last year combined Tekken characters with the old gameplay style of the Galaga series to celebrate the Tekken franchise's 20th Anniversary year. The exact date the game will be taken off is June 30, 2016 so those that still have the app have the remainder of this month left to enjoy playing it.

Tekken Official ≫

Galaga X Tekken ≫

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Japan's Orange House Arcade Closing it's Doors in December

Osaka's esteemed Orange House arcade is to close it's door next month according to Matador on his recent live broadcast from the Orange House yesterday. The arcade had cultivated many great Tekken talent during it's entire time of operation such as Matador, Main Street Ryu 1 & 2, Nisshin, Burimaru plus many more and it will be missed as it proceeds to be closed down on the 15th next month. Matador assured viewers in stream that the live broadcasts of "Matador's Abusive Fridays" will be stopping temporarily and then continuing in Namco's NipponBashi Bridge store in Osaka, Japan.

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