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Official Tekken 7 Online Ban Notice for Rage Quitters, Boosters & Hackers

Tekken 7 on Steam was updated a day ago with a 110.3 MB sized update and it seems to be the time to remind people going forward about the online terms of service. Going by the measures to address online violations notice which was posted on the Bandai Namco EU website back on Feb 8, I think the recent Steam update might be related (If it isn't, feel free to clear things Bandai Namco?). Although I don't know the extent of which this will actually prevent Rage quitters, boosting or people hacking unusable characters or stages into the online, the capabilities to warn and ban players are there going by some early reports on Steam. If you need a link to the official online notice for Tekken 7, here's a link as well as some quick quotes from the game's EULA of activities that could land you into trouble.

Tekken 7 Warning Notice ≫

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Galaga: TEKKEN 20th Anniversary Edition App Service Termination

An update on Tekken-official appeared notifying everyone that the Galaga Tekken Smartphone app will soon be ending and no longer be available to play. The game which was online since April of last year combined Tekken characters with the old gameplay style of the Galaga series to celebrate the Tekken franchise's 20th Anniversary year. The exact date the game will be taken off is June 30, 2016 so those that still have the app have the remainder of this month left to enjoy playing it.

Tekken Official ≫

Galaga X Tekken ≫

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