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Registrations Open for Battle Arena Melbourne 10; Tekken World Tour Master Event on May 18-20

The premier Australian fighting game tournament; Battle Arena Melbourne is back this year and this time, it's a Master level event for the Tekken World Tour. As Australia's largest tournament event, BAM10 is expected to be even bigger this year for Tekken 7 with international players flying in to battle the region to grab prizes, points and glory. The event doubles as a gaming convention so there's plenty of merchandising, cosplaying, exhibitons and more also planned to take place. Getting the word out there early that registration for BAM10 is already live so be sure to pre-register (Early Bird offer is still available) if you plan on attending. Registration can be done over on the page for the event:

Battle Arena Melbourne 10 ≫

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Tekken-Net Service for Vanilla Arcade Version of Tekken 7 Coming to an End on May 31

A Tekken-net service closure notice for the original Tekken 7 release in arcades is coming to an end on May 31st, Bandai Namco announces. The 'Vanilla' release of the game which is the version of the game that came before the 'Fated Retribution' update will have online network functionality shut down and an update patch to enable simple offline play. This will not affect most of the Tekken playing audience at home with the Console/Steam version or arcades with Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, this will discontinue the online network for the original Tekken 7. This includes some parts of Asia that haven't updated to FR yet, or regions in South East Asia and Oceania which were unable to get the updated version of the game since Bandai Namco decided to not offer it to them. Come May 31, those vanilla Tekken 7 cabinets will no longer allow online matchmaking, Banapass card functionality and Tekken-net online website services. You can check out the details of the closure over on Tekken-Net.

Tekken 7.0 Tekken-Net Service Closure Notice ≫

Tekken-Net English Notice ≫

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OzHadou Nationals 15 | Australian Fighting Game Tournament on September 15 - 17

The longest running Australian fighting game tournament event returns this weekend in the city of Sydney, Australia and it features Tekken 7 as part of the Tekken World Tour. OzHadou Nationals 15 sees almost 200 players entered for Tekken and marks the country's largest Tekken tournament to date. International Tekken players; Saint, Knee, Nobi, Yuu, Take and Kkokkoma have also confirmed their participation to OHN 2015 as they battle the best the region has to offer to try to take home points from the Tekken World Tour. The Tekken 7 tournament is being streamed live on twitch and it starts at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern time on the Saturday with the tournament Top 8 taking place on Sunday 11 PM / 2 AM. More details on the event can be found at the website and below.

Official Website ≫

OHN 15 ≫

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Battle Arena Melbourne 9 - Australian Premier FG Tournament Featuring Tekken 7

[Update] Official Youtube archives of the Tekken 7 tournaments from BAM9 have now been added from Team Solid.

Taking place this weekend in the city of Melbourne, Australia is the 9th Battle Arena Toshinden Melbourne! This tournament marks a big deal for region as it is a Capcom Pro Tour event but more importantly has a large showing of Tekken 7 as Bandai Namco Australia is supporting the event by running tournaments for the game with a large amount of setups for people to play. There's even a beginner only Tekken 7 event which is completely free to enter for anyone looking to get into the game. Echo Fox's own JDCR & Saint are also down in the country and entering the tournament offering strong competition for all the Tekken players that are entering. BAM9 goes big this year by upgrading from the previous CQ venues to the much bigger Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and you can catch most of the action live on Twitch as it happens.

Couch Warriors Website ≫

Tournament Twitter Account ≫

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Lee / Miguel Build of Tekken 7 Playable at York Street Battles in Sydney

The latest build of Tekken 7 on PS4 is making its way across to multiple places and more events have now started coming forward and confirming the new Tekken 7 build as making an appearance. The 48th numbered York Street Battles taking place in the city of Sydney in Australia has recently announced that the new Tekken 7 build is present at the venue and open for everyone to check out. For players in the region, this is your opportunity to get hands on with the new characters; Lee & Miguel on the new version as well as check out the competition in Sydney's FG scene so be sure not to miss out. York Street Battles 48 is being held on January 28th and a stream will be prepared over on BlankaEx's Twitch channel.

York Street Battles 48 ≫

Twitch Stream ≫

Facebook Event page ≫