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OzHadou Nationals 13 & Tekken World 2015 Occurring this Weekend

I get to be kinda lazy this time thanks to a certain post on r/Kappa. Just to briefly describe, Ozhadou Nationals 13 is the latest in Australia's longest running fighting game tournaments in the country that is held in the city of Sydney. This year, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 returns as a sort of last 'hurrah' for the game at the event and some of the best players in the country are competing. That, and there's also the usual stuff like UMVC3, SFV, MKX etc to watch at the event.

OzHadou Nationals 13:

"Tekken World" is a yearly Spanish Tekken tournament with the latest being held this weekend and it's actually Spain's largest Tekken tournament I believe. For this year, JDCR has been invited along to the event and will be interesting to see how he stacks up against the Spanish.



Button Smash 2015 - TTT2 Archive

We've witnessed a lot of the Melbourne Tekken scene via the Shadowloo Showdown tournaments and also a lot of Sydney Tekken where the Australian scene appears the strongest. However, the Brisbane Tekken scene are have their moment to shine with the Button Smash 2015 tournament. This tournament had Knee and Sodam from Korea in attendence and the matches are a brilliance to behold. Pools were streamed by Yiggs while top 8 was streamed by KeepitClassy.

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Shadowloo Showdown 6 | Australian Fighting Game Tournament on Feb 6 - 8, 2015

UPDATE: I've now added results and Stream Archives into this post!

Once again, the annual Australian fighting game event Shadowloo Showdown is happening this year and it's going to happen earlier this year on this weekend. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is once again a game featured at the event and the international competitor flown down to play in the tournament is Saint from Korea. Shadowloo Showdown 6's Tekken tournament is being streamed on ZeroX03's channel so be sure to tune into it if you want to see all the action live. There's of course other fighting games being streamed through the main ShadowlooHQ Twitch channels also if you're interested in watching it. I'm personally going to the event so event updates will be a bit slow.

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Heads Up: Australian Shadowloo Showdown 6 & Button Smash 3 Tournament Featuring International Guests

Just a heads up to those in the area: Australian is having two major (In our context) fighting game tournaments going down in the same month of February 2015. Shadowloo Showdown 6 which is the biggest tournament in all of Australia is being held in Melbourne on 6-8 of Feb and will be continuing the tradition of inviting foreign competitors to the event. For Tekken this year, Saint from Korea is coming down to play and will probably come first. Then later on the month, Button Smash 3 will be happening in Brisbane on Feb 28 until 1st of March and is having even more international Tekken competition. Both Knee and Sodam from Korea will be making their way down to Brisbane to play at the event. So If you're in area you can't miss these events so be sure to be there. If you can't, I hear both events will be streamed so you can at least look forward to that later down the line. Player announcements below.

Shadowloo Showdown 6 ≫

Button Smash 3 ≫

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OzHadou Nationals 12 - Top 8 Match Videos

OzHadou Nationals 12, the latest in the longest running fighting game tournament series in Australia wrapped up this past weekend and there's now Top 8 footage available for viewing on ZeroX03's YouTube channel. If you need it, the challonge bracket for the tournament with the results can be found here.

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