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Tekken 7 At Final Round XX - Top 8 YouTube Archives

Missed out on all the Tekken 7 action from Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend? Catch up with the recent uploads of all the Top 8 matches from this year's Final Round tournament. All videos embedded below should be in sequential playback order as it was streamed. For all official Tekken tournament / event related content, be sure to subscribe to the Bandai Namco Fight Channel and keep your eyes peeled over at the Tekken Twitch channel throughout this year leading up to the launch of the game on June 2.

Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel ≫

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T7FR - Knee (Akuma) VS JDCR (Kazuya) Mighty Ruler Match

Check it out, a Korean Rank Match video between Knee and Echo Fox's JDCR is up on Knee's YouTube channel. These two are world class Tekken players and it's not often that you get the chance to see them go against each other making this a rare sight. If you're from Street Fighter and know a bit about Akuma going into Tekken 7 on consoles, this makes for a good Akuma reference in 3D. The video spans around half an hour and can be watched over on Knee's YouTube channel.

Tekken Knee ≫

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JDCR & Saint Set to Attend Collision 2017 at Lima, Peru on Feb 18-19

The COLLISION Championship Series are happy to announce that two Korean Tekken champions are making their way to the premier tournament series in the city of Lima, Peru. 2016's Evolution and Global Championship grand finalist Saint, is joined by fellow dominant Korean player JDCR as they set out to get revenge on the competition in the region when they make their way to the tournament this month. Alongside those news, Collision 2017 has expanded in a big way from last year's tournament as it has announced that they're including multiple other fighting games as well getting Tekken Project team members Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray to confirm their attendance at the event. Not only that, but it also has to be said that the Tekken Brand Manager Mark Religioso as well Tekken community figure MarkMan are making an appearance there. COLLISION 2017 takes places in the capital of Peru this month on weekend of the 18th & 19th and is certainly not going to be an event you want to miss out on so stay tuned for more news from the event as well as live stream info. For more details on the tournament including how to register, check out the tournament's web pages:

COLLISION Championship ≫

Facebook ≫

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Footage Of Updated PS4 Build of Tekken 7 with Lee & Miguel Emerges Online

How unexpected, an updated PS4 build of Tekken 7 has been brought out and exhibited at a South Korean gaming event called Thank You Festival. JDCR and Saint are there in person and news and info from the new build of console Tekken 7 has started to trickle in. Right now there's plenty of images floating around but there's videos of Lee & Miguel out in action. Saint streamed a portion of his playtime on the build over on his facebook but it's not public so I'll leave it linked here. Here's a match video of Lee vs Devil Jin as well as Lee's Rage Art in the meantime.

Saint FB Video ≫

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OUG Tournament Season 2 | Fighting Game Event in Dubai on Oct 14-15 

Taking place this weekend in the United Arab Emirates within the most populated city of Dubai is the second season of the Omni Universal Gaming event. A Fighting game even featuring multiple games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is featured in the line-up and the tournament has invited well known players to participate. JDCR from S. Korea and the Main Man from Sweden have made the trip to take on the best Tekken players the region have to offer. I'm sure that this will be the highlight event for players within the region to see if they can defend against the incoming foreign players. The event will be streamed on Twitch via the two OUGaming channels so be sure to tune in when they go live. For further details on the event, you can check their website:

OUG Tournament Details ≫

Day 1 TTT2 Stream ≫

Day 2 TTT2 Stream ≫

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