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Jeondding's Recap of his Matches for Top 8 at Evo 2017

Top Korean Eddy player Jeondding competed at Evo this year and put up some incredibly close games with the now Evo champion JDCR. Now that Jeondding has settled back home, he recently got on his Twitch stream to do a quick recap of his experience and matches for Tekken 7's Top 8. Since he did this live in Korean and on his stream, we have to thank dommynick on Neogaf for taking the time to breakdown the main bits and translate them into English for us. There's some great insight in here that goes into what a foreign player has to prepare for when transitioning from the arcade Tekken experience to the console tournament setting so it makes for an interesting read if you're interested in what was going through Jeondding's mind while he was playing. You can read the translation/breakdown of Jeondding's stream over on Neogaf's Tekken 7 thread.

Jeondding's Twitch Channel ≫

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▌Jeondding's Review
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Was watching Jeondding's stream last night, the first after EVO, and he gave some lore about his top 8 matches. Here's my translation.

He swears he should have beaten JDCR in their match, because JDCR was totally off his game, making input errors and getting hit by all kinds of stuff he doesn't normally get hit by. In addition, he gave away a match and was thrown off for the entire set because of a button issue. When he played JDCR, his buttons were configured completely wrong. Knee had played previously on the side that Jeondding was on, and Knee uses a different button config than most players, using the four buttons one column to the right on a typical stick config.

Jeondding's only tournament experience are in Korean Tekken leagues and Mastercup a few times in Japan, so he's very inexperienced when it comes to console tournaments and just hopped on and started playing without a button check. You can see in the first seconds of the first match, he realizes the buttons are messed up and starts checking his buttons. JDCR also realizes the situation and backs off for about 10 seconds. Jeondding asks JDCR what he should do, and JDCR says just play on. Jeondding is flustered at this point, but moves his fingers over to Knee's setup and plays on.

He actually adjusts himself really well to a really weird button config and starts getting into his groove. He pointed out all the various moments when JDCR was just getting hit by random stuff that he never got hit by when Jeondding would play JDCR and the fact that JDCR rarely gets counterhit, because of JDCR's nerves. Jeondding swears that even though it's impossible to believe, being his big tournament and it being the biggest Tekken tournament ever, he wasn't nervous at all. He says it just feels like he's playing matches at the arcade against JDCR.

He talks about how he didn't really understand the depth it takes to be the best as a progamer and that the best players do a lot of things outside of just being good at their game. Once he got to EVO and saw how JDCR and Saint would maintain their physical and mental condition in preparation for their matches by eating and sleeping properly, he realized that he didn't take EVO nearly seriously enough, noting that he was playing SF5 on his stream 2 days before leaving for EVO (lol). The first match ends and he regrets everything that went on in it, really feeling like it should've been his match. Between the first and second match you can see him ask JDCR how to go into button config and JDCR explains it to him (lol), then tells him to move over.

It's pretty shocking that a person so ill prepared and with little experience was able to take the eventual EVO champ so close to being sent to losers bracket. He does a throw in the second round of the second match intending for JDCR to break it so he can get on the 1P side. This is where he mentions that choosing sides is something he's very unfamiliar with, as on the arcade version of Tekken 7, each player can choose whichever camera side they want and he much preferred 1P, but lost Rock Paper Scissors to JDCR before their match for the choice of side. In the final round of the final match, Jeondding says he doesn't know why he didn't just lame out the rest of the match, instead of aggressively trying to close it out like he was. Then in the final comeback moment, Jeondding thought the match was over for sure with his combo and in his mind was saying "Bye JDCR!", instead we got "No, no, no, don't do that! Get up!"

Then he goes onto his match against Saint. He says it's not even worth calling a match, Jeondding lets Saint use his stick and he instead uses JDCR's stick. JDCR's stick was totally ill suited for him and he couldn't play at all, and gets destroyed. Can't move properly, dropped combos, and the discomfort and distraction just made it terrible. He doesn't really points fingers and blames himself for not being prepared for a console tournament in regards to things like settings and sticks.

Before he goes into his match against Bats, he wonders aloud why the Korean version of Nightbot doesn't do anything for his channel, while he sees him (it?) doing all kinds of useful things for other streamers. The chat all laughs at him and points out that Nightbot is not a person but a bot that he has to set up, and it paints a picture of someone who plays a lot of Tekken but knows very little of technology, shining a light on all his troubles with the console aspect of tournaments, and just looking kind of airheaded in general. The chat calls him a technology dummy, others hope it's just a joke or trolling, while others are astounded that this person could be this good at Tekken.

Finally he goes into his match against Bats to get into Top 8, there's not much to say besides the fact that Bats was intimidated by Jeondding, and Jeondding mentions he does Rodeo a lot on Bats because it's known in Korea that the Japanese are not very good at breaking throws.


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