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Core-A Gaming's Interview with Qudans & Jeondding

A great and enlightening video interview featuring both Qudans and Jeondding from Korea has come forward from Core-A Gaming. Gerald Lee sits down with both players to find out about their beginnings with Tekken and how they got to where they are now. The interview here make for a nice retrospective piece on these legends as they stroll down memory lane to some notable highlights in Tekken tournaments. You can check out the new interview over on Core-A Gaming's YouTube page:

Core-A Gaming ≫

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Jeondding's Recap of his Matches for Top 8 at Evo 2017

Top Korean Eddy player Jeondding competed at Evo this year and put up some incredibly close games with the now Evo champion JDCR. Now that Jeondding has settled back home, he recently got on his Twitch stream to do a quick recap of his experience and matches for Tekken 7's Top 8. Since he did this live in Korean and on his stream, we have to thank dommynick on Neogaf for taking the time to breakdown the main bits and translate them into English for us. There's some great insight in here that goes into what a foreign player has to prepare for when transitioning from the arcade Tekken experience to the console tournament setting so it makes for an interesting read if you're interested in what was going through Jeondding's mind while he was playing. You can read the translation/breakdown of Jeondding's stream over on Neogaf's Tekken 7 thread.

Jeondding's Twitch Channel ≫

dommynick's translation ≫

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VSL The Fist - Season 1 Twitch Archives & Final Results

A Korean Tekken 7 Fated Retribution League recently wrapped up with the finals taking place yesterday in South Korea. VSL The Fist included 4 episodes of Twitch streams that had well known Korean Tekken players face off for over 4 million Korean Won (Almost $4000 USD) in prize money. 1st and 2nd place winners of this League will qualify for Season 2 of VSL which is set to take place in the future with sign-ups being made available on the 22nd of August. You can catch the archives of Season 1 over on the VSL_The Fist Twitch channel:

VSL The Fist Twitch ≫

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Team Korea Enters MASTERCUP.7!

In a special announcement stream on the Yuu & Nobi niconico channel, MasakariJin (the tournament organizer) announces TEAM KOREA which is set to invade the tournament this coming November. The team consists of an all star, all 'True Tekken Gods' team of Jundding, Help Me, Knee, Saint & Only Practice - all of which will make their way to Japan for the upcoming tournament. This dominating team of Korean players being sent over to Japan to enter MASTERCUP.7 is all due to the collaboration between MASTERCUP and the 'Murata System of Maximum Punishment' energy drink group in Japan which supports fighting game events. The MASTERCUP.7 tournament is being held in Tokyo, Japan on the 2nd of November this year.

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