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VSL The Fist - Season 1 Twitch Archives & Final Results

A Korean Tekken 7 Fated Retribution League recently wrapped up with the finals taking place yesterday in South Korea. VSL The Fist included 4 episodes of Twitch streams that had well known Korean Tekken players face off for over 4 million Korean Won (Almost $4000 USD) in prize money. 1st and 2nd place winners of this League will qualify for Season 2 of VSL which is set to take place in the future with sign-ups being made available on the 22nd of August. You can catch the archives of Season 1 over on the VSL_The Fist Twitch channel:

VSL The Fist Twitch ≫

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Jin Kazama Discovered as a Secret Sub Boss Character in Tekken 7!

UPDATE: Video footage of the Jin Kazama fight has now been added to this post!

Big thanks goes to Masakarijin for the discovery! The conditions to encounter Jin in the Tekken 7 arcade mode are currently unknown but according to Harada, they're really difficult/obscure conditions to satisfy to trigger Jin Kazama as a replacement boss for Stage 4 in the arcade mode. Going by that info, who knows what other character is secretly hiding within the game? More photos of the Jin Kazama encounter below!

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Full MASTERCUP.6 Results, Japan & Korea Takes It!

After 15 straight hours of pure Tekken, we have finally found our team that prevails over everyone else in the massive 5on5 MASTERCUP.6 tournament. The "AO-chan Daisuki Kiss Shite" team consisting of Japan's AO, Pon & Zeugaru alongside Korea's Qudans & Secret successfully defeated team "Dai Nihon Fuuryoku Hatsudensho (Gaiden)" in the Grand Finals to take home the crown. It's been a long journey for the combined Japan and Korean team but they deserve a big congratulations for overcoming the gargantuan amount of entrants the tournament had. You can see the full results below and be sure to come back tomorrow as the massive 7on7 KRvsJP event will be taking place.

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