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T7FR - Jin Kazama Movelist & Damage Values in Premium Practice Mode

Right after coming home from EVO, Japanese Tekken player Shudy uploaded a movelist video for Jin Kazama on his YouTube channel. Using the Premium Practice Mode in Tekken 7 FR, you can see all the new things they added to Jin as well as the damage values for his entire movelist. With the total life pool in T7FR being around the 170 ballpark, you can get an idea how much his damage output is with the Practice mode session. There's also a short bit of combo making towards the end of the video to dig into to. Check it out and you can catch more Japanese Tekken videos on his YouTube channel.

Shudy Channel ≫

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Tekken 7 - Over 1 Hour of Jin Kazama Footage in Practice Mode

Update: Added a small Jin Kazama combo video by theater10 into this post!

Jin Kazama and the Practice Mode got rolled out in Japanese arcades today and thanks to GuntamaMiraclein's YouTube channel, we've got over one and a half hour of Jin footage inside the Practice mode. The player goes over all of Jin Kazama's movelist, tests out move properties, looks for any changes as well as develop some combos so it's good viewing if you want to go in depth on what Jin can do in Tekken 7. Before anyone asks though, the Practice mode in Tekken 7 doesn't have all the functionality of the TTT2 counterpart - No record function, no damage figures for attacks and no punish indicator but it's still a helpful addition to Tekken 7 for getting used to new characters you may have never played before. You can watch all the Jin footage below.

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Tekken 7 - Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and Josie In-Game Images

There's quite a number of screenshots of the new characters now available so I'm putting it onto it's own post. The images of the recently rvealed Tekken 7 characters come courtesy of the Japanese Gamer media website.

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Jin Kazama Discovered as a Secret Sub Boss Character in Tekken 7!

UPDATE: Video footage of the Jin Kazama fight has now been added to this post!

Big thanks goes to Masakarijin for the discovery! The conditions to encounter Jin in the Tekken 7 arcade mode are currently unknown but according to Harada, they're really difficult/obscure conditions to satisfy to trigger Jin Kazama as a replacement boss for Stage 4 in the arcade mode. Going by that info, who knows what other character is secretly hiding within the game? More photos of the Jin Kazama encounter below!

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TTT2: Anti Character Punishment Videos for Jin Kazama

Borawn has done a great job on the extensive and straightforward video series he created dedicated to punishing certain characters movesets with Jin Kazama. While these videos are mainly for Jin players, the information can easily be used for any other character by replacing the moves he punishes with Jin's to any other character's respective punishers. These videos can be found on his Youtube channel and below through embeds.

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