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Tekken 7 - Yoshimitsu in Practice Mode Footage

Once again, thanks goes to the GuntamamiracleIn Youtube channel for supplying footage of the recently released time release character Yoshimitsu. check back on the channel for further videos on Yoshimitsu in the near future. For now, the Practice mode footage is available below.

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Tekken 7 - Over 1 Hour of Jin Kazama Footage in Practice Mode

Update: Added a small Jin Kazama combo video by theater10 into this post!

Jin Kazama and the Practice Mode got rolled out in Japanese arcades today and thanks to GuntamaMiraclein's YouTube channel, we've got over one and a half hour of Jin footage inside the Practice mode. The player goes over all of Jin Kazama's movelist, tests out move properties, looks for any changes as well as develop some combos so it's good viewing if you want to go in depth on what Jin can do in Tekken 7. Before anyone asks though, the Practice mode in Tekken 7 doesn't have all the functionality of the TTT2 counterpart - No record function, no damage figures for attacks and no punish indicator but it's still a helpful addition to Tekken 7 for getting used to new characters you may have never played before. You can watch all the Jin footage below.

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Tekken 7: Details on the Upcoming Practice Mode for Arcades

UPDATE: Practice Mode has been delayed. It was originally slated to release in arcades on March 26 but now it says the mode will be available 'on a day after March 26'. There's no solid date for it's release now, but when it's ready, a new date for the mode will be announced. You can still see details on the mode below but just keep in mind that the Practice Mode won't arrive tomorrow.

Tekken 7 will be getting Practice mode tomorrow in arcades and as such, the official site has recently published images and details on it's implementation. It's interesting to glance over this update seeing as it's quite the robust training mode with most of the features you'd come to expect from the console Tekken's Practice mode. The most basic detail of the mode is that 1 credit will give you 5 minutes within the mode and when the time is up, you get the option to quit the mode or insert more credits which will give you bonus of 7 minutes for your next session. You can find more details of the Practice mode on the official website and I've glossed over most of the features below.


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TTT2: Practice Mode Overview Video

One of the most notable concerns from Tekken 6's console version was the lack of certain features included in the Practice mode. Thanks to Robert Cram however, we now have a look at a more robust and versatile Practice mode included in the home port of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It ain't no VF5:FS training mode, but it still sets up a good environment for players looking to improve their game. Hit the link to see the video.

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