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Tekken 7 - Knee (Kazuya) VS Kari (Yoshimitsu) Arcade Deathmatches

Yet another set of high level deathmatches from the Korean invasion of the Tokyo Tekken Masters event, Knee runs a lengthy set in Akihabara's Leisure Land with the newly sponsored Japanese Yoshimitsu player Kari. Knee might be familiar to most but Kari is perhaps considered the best Yoshimitsu player on the planet right now. He hails from the Kyushu region of Japan with a scene of local Tekken monsters along the likes of Gen, Taisei, Chikurin & Noroma. Having made notable strides in Tekken 7, he found himself sponsored by his job at the Hotel/Apparel division (Aim-Crane) of the Japanese SFIDA company. He even already announced plans to come to Evo in Las Vegas next year so he is definately a Tekken player to watch. The full set of deathmatch videos come courtesy of Kuro Kuro's YouTube page.

Kuro Kuro's YouTube channel ≫

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T7FR - Yoshimitsu Punishment and Fubuki Knee Combo Videos

A Japanese Tekken player named Eston on twitter has recently put out videos on Yoshimitsu showing the best punishers to use with the character as well as look at the combos you do off the Fubuki Knee (ff+4) now that it doesn't combo into BT 2. Damage values are shown in the clips giving you a good indication of which option you should be going for now in T7FR and I transcribed it below into English. And uh... Don't mind the music in the clip.

Eston (エストン) ≫

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Tekken 7 - Yoshimitsu in Practice Mode Footage

Once again, thanks goes to the GuntamamiracleIn Youtube channel for supplying footage of the recently released time release character Yoshimitsu. check back on the channel for further videos on Yoshimitsu in the near future. For now, the Practice mode footage is available below.

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Yoshimitsu Unveiled for Tekken 7 - Available to Play on May 12th

Update: Added more screenshots of Yoshimitsu from Bandai Namco onto this piece!

Yoshimitsu is everyone's next time release character this upcoming Tuesday in arcades! He'll be unlocked for everyone to play on the 12th of May at 9:00 AM in Japanese arcades so there's going to be several videos of Yoshimitsu gameplay coming to the internet soon. You can find screenshots and introductory trailer for Yoshimitsu from the Tekken-official page below.

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How To Be Good At Tekken from PotatoBrain

Rami aka PotatoBrain is widely considered Canada's best offline Tekken player who also runs his own website called Gutsy Geek. He recently posted an article outlining 8 principles that helps him achieve his current stature in the game. There is an excerpt and link provided after the jump. Be sure to check out his website for so many other things pertaining to gaming, self improvement, and enjoying life in general or follow him @GutsyGeek .

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