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Demonstration and Guide to Back Dash Cancelling in Soul Calibur by Boom

The clip you're seeing above is a crazy glimpse into the speed of Back Dash Cancelling (BDC) currently in Soul Calibur 6. Of course it's from a public demo of the game but it showcases the movement option that you might know from Tekken to also exist in Soul Calibur. For a deeper look into BDC in Soul Calibur itself and how to do it, Boom (@ayob00m) has quickly taken the liberty to make a video guide breaking it down and making a guide on how to do it. You can check out the BDC explanation video as well as the full match video the clip was sourced from over at the following YouTube pages:

Boom's YouTube channel ≫

IRM Maxi's YouTube ≫

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Backdash Cancelling is no longer required to Backdash into Block.

From the video description:

In previous games, letting go of the second back in a backdash would prevent you from blocking unless you cancelled the backdash. Now it seems that no longer applies.

In other words, this makes back-dashing for creating space and blocking in reaction to an opponent's attack much easier to defend against now that you don't have to cancel the back dash with a crouch. Thanks goes to Bloodhawk for the finding, check out the video he put up on this below.

BloodHawk ≫

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