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Tekken 7 - Top 5 Finals from Next Level Battle Circuit v.69

Tekken 7 is now available so come out and play the game at your nearby weeklies. Over at the East Coast in New York, Team Spooky is back running tournaments for Tekken 7 and NLBC #69 was the debut tournament for Tekken 7 on consoles. Notable players entered into the tournament include; NYC Fab, BloodHawk, FightingGM & Renoface with a bonus $1000 crowdfunded prize pool via Matcherino. NLBC was streamed live on but you can now watch the Top 5 archive over on the Team Spooky YouTube channel. If you enjoy the commentary and matches, you can tune into Next Level Battle Circuit live every Wednesday at 8PM EST over at the Twitch channel:

Team Spooky Twitch ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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Backdash Cancelling is no longer required to Backdash into Block.

From the video description:

In previous games, letting go of the second back in a backdash would prevent you from blocking unless you cancelled the backdash. Now it seems that no longer applies.

In other words, this makes back-dashing for creating space and blocking in reaction to an opponent's attack much easier to defend against now that you don't have to cancel the back dash with a crouch. Thanks goes to Bloodhawk for the finding, check out the video he put up on this below.

BloodHawk ≫

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The Player's Messej Episode 13-15: East Coast Special

I've been slacking with updates recently but Setnomessej is still putting in the work with the thirteenth episode of his "The Player's Messej" podcast series. Originally meant to have the guests at Final Round, it was delayed to having the guests themselves each time. These next 3 guests are some of the East Coasts heroes: BloodHawk, StillElectrik, and OffinBed. Be sure to follow @Setnomessej and his twitch channel for the next update.

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Winter Brawl 9 TTT2 Archive

One of East Coast's biggest majors Winter Brawl 9 just concluded. It included a Tekken Tag 1 competition along with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The cool thing was how Big E allowed free entry to both the Tekken tournaments this year resulting in an 87 man TTT2 tournament and a 51 man TTT1 tournment. Bifuteki streamed the pools and finals. The matches were amazing to watch and check out the exhibition after pools.

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IFL Fight Night#3 Archive

Hoa Luu aka Anakin continues his weekly stream of PSN Tekken showdowns. This week had players including BloodHawk, Cuddle_Core, BrawlPo, RickThaRuler, Trungy, JustFrameNope, Jio, Bishop, and concluded with a FT5 between Sayco and KodeeVuu. Be sure to suscribe to his channel to get updates everytime he goes live.

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