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Tekken Podcast - The Player's Messej Featuring JustFrameJames

Season 2 of Setnomessej's series of 'The Player's Messej' Tekken podcasts has come around and features for this episode an interview with SoCal's extraordinaire Marshall Law / Yoshimitsu player Just Frame James. Just Frame James has been around the US Tekken scene for quite awhile now being one of region's more competitive & notable players since Tekken 6. Found within is an extensive interview spanning roughly 2 hours as JFJ divulges his character choices in Tekken, his current thoughts on Tekken 7 including his tier list, how the guest character Akuma factors into the game and much more. The podcast was recently streamed live over Setnomessej's Twitch channel but the YouTube archive is now available for those that want to catch up. You can check out this episode of the podcast as well Setnomessej's other videos on his YouTube channel:

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The Player's Messej #22 Featuring Rip

Setnomessej uploaded episode 22 of his podcast series The Player's Messej with one of the most distinguished Tekken names in the history of the scene: Tempo|Rip. I recommend everyone to view this podcast, Rip has been a central part of the community for an extremely long time and there's a gold mine of history revealed in this podcast. They talk about the origins from Tekken 3 at SHGL, to how the game and scene evolved, to how the current FGC is manifesting. This was a joy to watch and finally being able to take in Rip's contributions throughout the decade so be sure to follow @Setnomessej and his twitch channel for the next episode!

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The Player's Messej #16 Featuring BrawlPro

Setnomessej uploaded episode 16 of his podcast series The Player's Messej with one of Midwest's strongest players BrawlPro. As usual they go through the origins of their competitive endeavours, discuss the scene, tier lists, and the ever entertaining trivia portion of the show. BrawlPro streams relatively frequently on his twitch channel Aerij. Be sure to follow @Setnomessej and his twitch channel for the next episode!

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The Player's Messej Episode 13-15: East Coast Special

I've been slacking with updates recently but Setnomessej is still putting in the work with the thirteenth episode of his "The Player's Messej" podcast series. Originally meant to have the guests at Final Round, it was delayed to having the guests themselves each time. These next 3 guests are some of the East Coasts heroes: BloodHawk, StillElectrik, and OffinBed. Be sure to follow @Setnomessej and his twitch channel for the next update.

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The Player's Messej Episode 12 Featuring LukeLive

Setnomessej is maintaining his steady stream of TTT2 content keeping the game alive with the twelvth part of his "The Player's Messej" podcast series. This week's guest is another name from the UK scene LukeLive. This episode continues the hype leading to Lionz Den 2 with Lukelive talking about his role in the tournament along with other fun discussions. Once again a huge shoutout to Setnomessej for taking time out to do this so consistently. Be sure to follow him @Setnomessej and twitch.

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