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BOOMcast #9 with Rip, Aris, Sajam and MYK

Part #9 of Level Up Your Game's BOOMcast live show is now up on YouTube for anyone that didn't tune into it live. For this episode, Rip is joined by Aris, Sajam & MYK to discuss the latest happenings in the fighing game scene like Tekken 7's input lag patch, Capcom Cup and the recently announced Soul Calibur 6. You can catch BOOMcasts live on Twitch at Thursday evenings in pacific time over on the LUYG Twitch channel.

LUYG YouTube ≫

LUYG Twitch ≫

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Tekken 7 - Top 8 from Wednesday Night Fights 2.5

Feels like it has been awhile hasn't it? Tekken is finally back at Wednesday Night Fights. Tekken 7's debut tournament at WNF saw over 80 people enter the weekly tournament taking place at the eSports Arena over at downtown Santa Ana. The west coast tournament was streamed over on and had Tekken commentary from Aris, Rip, Tasty Steve, Rickstah, Sajam and more. If you didn't catch the event live, the Top 8 archive is now available to watch on the Level Up Series YouTube channel. Wednesday Night Fights is live every week at 9PM PST on the levelupseries Twitch channel so be sure to follow if you enjoy the content.

LevelUpLive Twitch ≫

YouTube Channel ≫

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KOIFT 2016 Tokyo Round Qualifier Streamed Live on November 26 

The last open qualifier for the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 is on this Saturday in Japan and we have international guests Rip & Tasty Steve over there in person to perform commentary for the English stream. Bandai Namco's Tokyo offices will be the place where many of Japan's notable players will come together to try to get themselves a ticket to the Grand Finals and some of that big tournament prize money. Just like the Osaka Qualifier, there are 3 divisions for the event which consist of a Female group, a Students group and another group that's open to everyone. Top 2 players from the Female division & the Students division will earn the qualifying spot while Top 3 from the Anyone division will make their way to qualify. The Tokyo Round qualifier is set to start at 10:00 AM Japan time on November 26 so for viewers in USA, that's November 25 at 5:00 PM PST. You can tune into the event over on the TEKKEN Twitch channel:

Twitch Stream (Rip / Tasty Steve / Markman) ≫

niconico Stream (Hameko / Harada) ≫

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EVO 2016 - T7FR Tournament Archives & Recaps

EVO 2016 is in the books, another successful tournament that took place mid July in Las Vegas, Nevada. EVO 2016 was a large scale global tournament that saw Tekken 7 Fated Retribution's first official debut in tournament after the game had launched in arcades on July 5th and had numerous high level international players like Knee, Saint, JDCR, Nobi, Take, Yuu and a bunch more competing against what the USA had to offer. The Tekken action was all streamed live over on Twitch with Bifuteki over on the Tekken twitch channel and then later on the official Evosrk channel for the finals so video footage from the tournament in cased you missed it is now available for viewing. Recap videos from Aris and Esteban are uploaded as well and allow a more personal glimpse of what the event was like in person through their experience. Enjoy the footage and the Tekken Tour is continuing along with Wizard World Columbus on July 29-31 being its next stop this upcoming weekend.

Bifuteki ≫

Bandai Namco Fight Channel ≫

SRKEVO1 Twitch Channel ≫

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Tekken Talk #2 - Markman & Rip with Special Guests Harada & Michael Murray

Tekken Talk Episode 2 with special guests Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from the Tekken team is now up on YouTube. Lots of interesting topics discussed such as the PC version of Tekken 7, Tekken X Street Fighter, Tekken Ball, post launch support, console/PC cross play and a bunch more. I'm going to throw this out there and say I'm all for post launch support for Tekken as it keeps things fresh and exciting and makes people come back for new content. Whether it is small things like new costumes & customizations or maybe something big like a game expansion that adds more Street Fighter characters turning it into Tekken X Street Fighter. (Don't go wild with that idea please internet, I'm not saying they're going to do that haha.) And of course, hearing that Harada himself is a big PC gamer and that all features that you can come to expect from a standard PC game are to be expected is very reassuring news for the PC version in comparison to certain other games with poor quality PC ports in recent times. This is getting quite lengthy so I'll stop here but you can catch the whole interview over on Bandai Namco's Fight channel:

Bandai Namco Official Fight Channel ≫

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