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[UPDATE] Feb 2, 2017 - ATP Live is on Indefinite Hiatus. [YouTube Announcement]

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Tekken 7 Themed "Mexican Akumer" T-Shirts Now Available on Teespring

T-Shirt Design: @Torren278It's finally early 2017! Celebrate the long awaited release of Tekken 7 with the T7 themed ATP shirt. Thanks as always for your continued support.

ATP Mexican Akumer Teespring Link ≫

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Avoiding The Podcast - Marvel Infinite, Injustice 2 & Still Waiting for Tekken 7

New set of Avoiding the Podcast videos have been uploaded thanks to n0pants and we're a bit light on the Tekken content so these go more into Capcom/NRS games territory. Without further ado, here they are. You can catch these sessions live over on the Twitch channel.

Avoiding the Podcast playlist ≫

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Dark Souls Themed "Grave Lord Aris" T-Shirts Now Available on Teespring

Support ATP Enterprises directly by picking up a Grave Lord Aris t-shirt! Designed by the legend @AJP_Diddle.

ATP Teespring Store Front ≫

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Metal Gear Themed "ATP Solid" & "ATP Classic" T-Shirts Available Now on Teespring

Grab the new Metal Gear themed ATP shirt and support ATP enterprises with style! Art by @AJP_Diddle. You can also snag yourself the ATP Classic t-shirt which is being reintroduced to the ATP Teespring store. These shirts will be available indefinitely from now on so you can grab these shirts anytime.

ATP Teespring Store Front ≫

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Crowd Reaction & Aris' Analysis On Miguel's Tekken 7 Trailer

You all saw the new trailer but what did you think about it? Aris has up on the Avoiding the Puddle Youtube channel a video going over his thoughts after watching Miguel's reveal in Tekken 7. Alongside that, there's also a video taken from the crowd over there at Barcelona Game World as it was happening live showing the excitement for Miguel. Both videos can be seen at these youtube channels:

Avoiding The Puddle ≫

MegaBlack_94 ≫

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