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Tekken 7 - Top 8 from Wednesday Night Fights 2.5

Feels like it has been awhile hasn't it? Tekken is finally back at Wednesday Night Fights. Tekken 7's debut tournament at WNF saw over 80 people enter the weekly tournament taking place at the eSports Arena over at downtown Santa Ana. The west coast tournament was streamed over on and had Tekken commentary from Aris, Rip, Tasty Steve, Rickstah, Sajam and more. If you didn't catch the event live, the Top 8 archive is now available to watch on the Level Up Series YouTube channel. Wednesday Night Fights is live every week at 9PM PST on the levelupseries Twitch channel so be sure to follow if you enjoy the content.

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TTT2 - Wednesday Night Fights Pre Evo Edition Archive

Aris - 「 Am I going to be the only person to take a game from Nin? At Wednesday Night Fights? 」

Rickstah - 「 Tekken Tim took a game. 」

Aris - 「 Oh yeah damn Tekken Tim.... But that was off stream it didn't count. 」

This week's WNF was too good. Brackets are here If you needed them.

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