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TTT2 - Japan VS Korea 5on5 Event Archive & Results

The massive Japan VS Korea 5on5 event in Namco Sugamo has now come to a close with it's recent conclusion and it does not disappoint. The teams on both sides were both stacked with high level players from both regions and the matches certainly show. Since I managed to timeshift the nico stream, I got the full 5 hour recording of the event which you can find below. You can check this previous post to see the competing teams.

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TTT2 - Upcoming Japan VS Korea 5on5 Details

I've just received some new information and details about the upcoming Japan VS Korea 5on5 battle that is set to go down on the 21st of July. According to HinoP; a Namco employee that does marketing work for Namco Bandai owned games, there will be numerous Japanese teams that will have to battle each other to qualify and represent their home turf up against the 'Korean Invasion.' And of course with such a big event going down, the niconico stream URL is set up and ready to broadcast on the 21st so be sure to tune in and watch as there is no absolute guarantees that I can record everything!

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TTT2 - Wednesday Night Fights Pre Evo Edition Archive

Aris - 「 Am I going to be the only person to take a game from Nin? At Wednesday Night Fights? 」

Rickstah - 「 Tekken Tim took a game. 」

Aris - 「 Oh yeah damn Tekken Tim.... But that was off stream it didn't count. 」

This week's WNF was too good. Brackets are here If you needed them.

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