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Tekken 7 - Japanese Matanga League ft10 Match Videos

Highlight: Matador (Steve) VS Furumizu (Paul)

Topanga? Oh you must mean Matanga League for Tekken! In Tokyo city, Matador's "Matanga League" took place recently which featured the heavy hitting regulars of Koenji's Cube arcade battle it out in first to 10 sets. The players within the leagues are some of the strongest players you can find in Japan like Furumizu, Matador & Yanpan making these some really good matches to watch. The remaining players in the league are Rage, Hasukyon, Marubana and Manba and they're no slouches either. All the footage from Matanga League was streamed live on Twitch but they are now available for people to watch on the Koenji Cube Youtube channel.

Tekken Cube ≫

Matanga League Playlist ≫

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TTT2 - Japanese Tournament, Kumites & Online Ranked Matches ft. Kuro Kuro & Knee Archives

There was a suprising amount of Tekken going on this past weekend. First off, Kuro Kuro & Shana (both Japanese players) visited Korea to interview Korean players for the Tekken Mura website and play some Tekken. Kuro Kuro went to Knee's house to stream online Ranked matches with him onto his niconico community page. Secondly, Nobi and BKC went to the Oita prefecture in Fukuoka for a kumite event as well as a random 2on2 tournament inside the Amusement Spot arcade. Lastly, Namco held a Kumite event in Osaka, Japan featuring the recent Ranking Battle winner Amigo as well as Osaka's own Burimaru and Matador. This was all streamed on niconico but for those who don't have premium accounts, I've got it all archived on YouTube below.

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Matador Cup 5 - Japanese 5on5 Tournament in A-cho Arcade Announced

Quietly announced at last years MASTERCUP.6 tournament, the official MASTERCUP website reveals Japan's next big Tekken tournament: "MATADOR CUP 5." Titled after famed Japanese player Matador, the 5on5 TTT2 tournament will be held in Kyoto's A-cho arcade on the 22nd of March and will have team limits capped at 56 teams allowing a maximum of 280 players in the tournament. In the announcement, Matador shares with us that he hopes to see a lot of the more unknown players with great talent in Japan come out and make a name for themselves on the tournament stage. Should more details on this tournament arise in the future (If there's no stream for this tournament, there will at least be archives on the MASTERCUP YouTube channel), I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

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TTT2 - Upcoming Japan VS Korea 5on5 Details

I've just received some new information and details about the upcoming Japan VS Korea 5on5 battle that is set to go down on the 21st of July. According to HinoP; a Namco employee that does marketing work for Namco Bandai owned games, there will be numerous Japanese teams that will have to battle each other to qualify and represent their home turf up against the 'Korean Invasion.' And of course with such a big event going down, the niconico stream URL is set up and ready to broadcast on the 21st so be sure to tune in and watch as there is no absolute guarantees that I can record everything!

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