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Tekken Retrospective 1993-2000 - Nostalgic Gamer Documentary

@tng_matthew is the author, director, and voice behind a number of incredible documentaries for various videogames you can see on his channel The Nostalgic Gamer. His most recent endeavor covers the history of Tekken. He goes over the various phases in production and the visionaries responsible for the Tekken series it's become from the original all the way to Tekken Tag Tournament.

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Tekken 7 (officially) Announced for Consoles. PS4 vers. to have VR Functionality

After weeks of hinting from MarkMan, Namco officially announces Tekken 7 at the Paris Games Weekly expo that's currently taking place in France right now. While this really isn't news to anyone following Harada's interviews throughout the US tournament scene, what is new is the inclusion of VR functionality. Let's hope it's more than a gimmick like the TTT2-Prologue 3D functionality. The official Press Statement and full trailer of the announcements are below.

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Tekken 7 Playable at Northwest Majors 7 & Norcal Regionals

April is going to be a busy month. There's also Lionz Den 2 happening in London on April 4th.


Rise Of Incarnates Available Now Through Steam Early Access

Out Now on Steam is Rise of Incarnates - the latest free-to-play, 3D Action game with elements of fighting and shooting in a 2v2 format arena made by Bandai Namco Games. The game is as of now available for free on Steam through Early Access and the download weighs in at a bit over 7.4GB for those interested in playing something new. More details on the game such as story, characters, comics and more can be found on the official website.

RoI Website ≫

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Bas Gros Poing's Interviews With Harada On The Development Of Tekken X Street Fighter

French Gaming site Bas Gros Poing conducted several interviews with Tekken Project's lead producer Katushiro Harada and Michael Murray back in 2011, 2012 & 2013 on the development of Tekken X Street Fighter. The interviews were in complete French and published on the site but for the sake of sharing this series of interviews, the Bas Gros Poing YouTube channel recently uploaded a compilation of the interviews making it more accessible to everyone. It's a pretty insightful set of interviews and may be of interest to those that like to follow the development of Bandai Namco's upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter game. Worth mentioning however, the interviews are quite old now so the information inside them may be out of date.

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