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Rest in Peace, Kazuaki "BKC" Tsukagoshi

BKC at Namco Sugamo (Image from his Twitter.)

It is with great sadness to present news that the Tekken player Kazuaki Tsukagoshi, or "BKC" as we all know him, passed away this last Saturday. His family had discovered him deceased in his room after he did not come down for breakfast in the early morning of February 9, 2019.

In his early days with the Tekken series, BKC gained recognition as one of the best Bryan Fury players from Japan with his defense and fluid movement which remains rock-solid in even the most stressful of situations in deathmatches and tournaments. BKC was a common name to see if you looked up the list of high-ranking players in Japan across multiple arcade Tekken games. During the days of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, his Tekken skills would later find him working at arcades like Game Plaza GAO Kitasenju and Namco Sugamo where he would help support the arcade community by running many local tournaments and hosting Tekken lectures to help newer players learn the game. It was thanks to his support that we have countless hours of early arcade footage and even learning resources back when the world didn't have access to Tekken 7.

In recent times, BKC would go on to become a sponsored Pro Tekken player traveling to overseas tournaments like EVO and StrongStyle while attached to the Walker Gaming team.

The Tekken community is deeply saddened by his loss and he will be gravely missed. May you rest easy BKC.

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Tekken 7 - Regarding the Change to the Sidestepping

Tekken 7 is the latest game in the franchise and in this sort of gaming climate where fighting game developers are taking into consideration the accessibility of their titles, there's always bound to be several system wide changes that not everyone will be familiar with. For Tekken 7, there's several noticeable changes that can be observed for the sake of making the game more accessible to players. Such as the revamp of the Oki system allowing players to easily get up from the ground to the tweaked damage scaling in combos or the generic throw break change as well as the additions of Power Crushes and Rage Arts. There's another of which of these changes it's regarding the side stepping in the system. Now as we may remember, early reports came out after Tekken 7's launch and players were noticing that the sidestepping in the game was made weaker compared to the previous Tekken games. Harada at Final Round this year described the change as 'We made tweaks to the side steps but the side walking wasn't really touched on' - What I'm personally curious is as to what the players feel about this change. For this topic, I went ahead and asked whoever I could on how they feel about the game and you can read all about it below.

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Tekken 7 Playable at Northwest Majors 7 & Norcal Regionals

April is going to be a busy month. There's also Lionz Den 2 happening in London on April 4th.


Harada Reaching Out to Local Communities for a Potential Arab Character

Harada recently posted a tweet acknowledging the Tekken Arab communities and asking them for their input on a potential new character for Tekken 7. This might be the first hint at one of the brand new characters entering the series. However, this might also show how the developers are still conceptualizing a large part of the game hence it might be a long while before we get legitamite gameplay footage. Twitter links below.

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Age of Renowned Tekken Players Compiled By Kuro Kuro

Since you can find out so much information on Tekken players through their Facebook/Twitter/Zexi pages, Kuro Kuro recently decided to compile an age list of notable players. It's predominately a Japanese players list so you might not know most of the names on this list but there's some notable players outside of Japan that you might know of. The list is structured around fiscal years but it easily shows you how old everyone is. No famous female players included in this list of course, that stuff is top secret.

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