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Rest in Peace, Kazuaki "BKC" Tsukagoshi

BKC at Namco Sugamo (Image from his Twitter.)

It is with great sadness to present news that the Tekken player Kazuaki Tsukagoshi, or "BKC" as we all know him, passed away this last Saturday. His family had discovered him deceased in his room after he did not come down for breakfast in the early morning of February 9, 2019.

In his early days with the Tekken series, BKC gained recognition as one of the best Bryan Fury players from Japan with his defense and fluid movement which remains rock-solid in even the most stressful of situations in deathmatches and tournaments. BKC was a common name to see if you looked up the list of high-ranking players in Japan across multiple arcade Tekken games. During the days of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, his Tekken skills would later find him working at arcades like Game Plaza GAO Kitasenju and Namco Sugamo where he would help support the arcade community by running many local tournaments and hosting Tekken lectures to help newer players learn the game. It was thanks to his support that we have countless hours of early arcade footage and even learning resources back when the world didn't have access to Tekken 7.

In recent times, BKC would go on to become a sponsored Pro Tekken player traveling to overseas tournaments like EVO and StrongStyle while attached to the Walker Gaming team.

The Tekken community is deeply saddened by his loss and he will be gravely missed. May you rest easy BKC.


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