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T7FR - GON (Lili) VS BKC (Bryan) Fujin Deathmatch


Two seasoned Japanese veterans going at it in a Fujin level deathmatch. This deathmatch goes on for a long time but it showcases some high level Japanese Tekken play. If memory serves right, both GON and BKC are at least top 3 in Japan for their respective character's ranks across the country so these guys are pros at the characters they're using here. If you're looking for match videos featuring these characters, enjoy 3 whole hours of it here.

Game Spot Versus Arcade Youtube channel ≫

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TTT2 - Japanese Tournament, Kumites & Online Ranked Matches ft. Kuro Kuro & Knee Archives

There was a suprising amount of Tekken going on this past weekend. First off, Kuro Kuro & Shana (both Japanese players) visited Korea to interview Korean players for the Tekken Mura website and play some Tekken. Kuro Kuro went to Knee's house to stream online Ranked matches with him onto his niconico community page. Secondly, Nobi and BKC went to the Oita prefecture in Fukuoka for a kumite event as well as a random 2on2 tournament inside the Amusement Spot arcade. Lastly, Namco held a Kumite event in Osaka, Japan featuring the recent Ranking Battle winner Amigo as well as Osaka's own Burimaru and Matador. This was all streamed on niconico but for those who don't have premium accounts, I've got it all archived on YouTube below.

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