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First Volume of Tekken Attack features Mushin Tekken Matches from Namco Sugamo

Japanese Tekken playing pros; Yuu, Nobi & Take banded together to form "Mushin Tekken" (formerly No Respect) and they're starting to create Tekken content again while they're all sponsored by Yamasa. Their recent foray results in new 'TEKKEN ATTACK' show with the first episode including the three players heading into Namco Sugamo to match up with the staff that works over there in some friendly Tekken 7 Fated Retribution matches. The video is presented in an live show / interview format but the matches can be watched part ways through to see some good Japanese Tekken matches. For more other Yuu / Nobi / Take related video content, you can check out their YouTube channel over here:

Yuu & Nobi ≫

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Tekken 7 - Namco Sugamo's End of Year Megane Grand Prix

Happy New Year everyone! Contained within are the Megane Grand Prix videos which recently took place in Namco Sugamo arcade as their big end of 2015 Tekken event. Hosted by Shudy, the format for 2015's Megane Grand Prix is 3on3 Teams with Waseda style format which pits every member on a team against each other opponent on the opposing team at the same time. Each win from a player gives the team a single point and the team with the most points wins. This team tournament is not similar to the MASTERCUP format as it doesn't have that aspect of a winning player carrying momentum to defeat an enemy team. If you need visual representation of this, check out the top right corner of the 1st image in this tweet. Alongside the Waseda 3on3 team tournament, there's also high level Japanese deathmatches, beginner tournaments, Nobi Tekken lesson videos are more uploaded and available to watch. Big thanks to Shudy! You can follow his channels here:

Shudy's YouTube Channel ≫

Shudy's Twitch Channel ≫

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TTT2 - Nobi & Shudy's Tier Charts

What you are looking at now is an overall character tier chart crafted by both Nobi and Shudy (a regular Lee/Jin player at Namco Sugamo). The chart was made during a live broadcast in which both players went into greater detail about the listings and rated the characters in several other topics. Thankfully, Nobi posted the the charts with short descriptions on his Twitter which I've gotten some requests to try and translate it (feel free to correct any errors, not really confident in my translating). I've also recorded the live broadcast should anyone be interested in seeing it which you can find below.

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