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Tekken 7 - Regarding the Change to the Sidestepping

Tekken 7 is the latest game in the franchise and in this sort of gaming climate where fighting game developers are taking into consideration the accessibility of their titles, there's always bound to be several system wide changes that not everyone will be familiar with. For Tekken 7, there's several noticeable changes that can be observed for the sake of making the game more accessible to players. Such as the revamp of the Oki system allowing players to easily get up from the ground to the tweaked damage scaling in combos or the generic throw break change as well as the additions of Power Crushes and Rage Arts. There's another of which of these changes it's regarding the side stepping in the system. Now as we may remember, early reports came out after Tekken 7's launch and players were noticing that the sidestepping in the game was made weaker compared to the previous Tekken games. Harada at Final Round this year described the change as 'We made tweaks to the side steps but the side walking wasn't really touched on' - What I'm personally curious is as to what the players feel about this change. For this topic, I went ahead and asked whoever I could on how they feel about the game and you can read all about it below.

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Tekken 7 Official Site Updated with System Info and Beginner's Guide

With Tekken 7 less then 24 hours away from being out in Japanese arcades, Bandai Namco has updated the official website for the game with new details and information on the game's systems as well as a Beginner's Guide PDF. They're all in Japanese but a lot of the information on the site is already quite well and the pictures are interesting to look at. You can look at the site update and PDF file here:

Tekken 7 Official site update ≫

Tekken 7 Beginner's Guide ≫

Something important to note is that the website says that this Feb 18 'Pre-Launch' version of Tekken 7 is Online Only. That means that, you can't play against an opponent in the same arcade via local play at all in this build. So when you go to sit down with Tekken 7, you can either play against the CPU offline or an opponent online. I believe this was made so because they want to use this release of the game to test the online across various arcades in Japan and to match newer players with same level opponents instead of the local better players they might run into. Local play, Training mode and bunch of other features will be implemented into the game later down the line. (Currently planned for March 'Full Launch.')

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Harada Reveals Image of Tekken 7's New Rendering Camera System

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Just unveiled by Harada on twitter is the introduction of a new camera system into Tekken 7 that is currently undergoing internal testing. This new camera system will allow the possibility of both players playing on either 1P or 2P side at the same time through a new rendering technique in which the opponent's camera screen is mirrored on the other side of the stage. That's not all that is shown in the image however as we can also observe some new interesting details. First off is the new high CG render of Kazuya, Alisa and Heihachi being used as the character portraits next to the life bars. These will probably replace the old ones and be used on the character select screen. And the other detail is the new stage which you can see on the bottom left.

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