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Harada on The Current Status of Crossplay for Tekken 7

"Don't ask me. ASK 1st party." Says Harada. He continued on in a string of tweets today addressing the main issue that is getting in the way of enabling console crossplay for Tekken 7 which are the 1st party policies in place that the developers have to adhere to when they develop games for their systems. Enabling crossplay between certain systems like PC <-> PS4 or PC <-> XB1 was also shot down because that would be splitting the player base on the PC which they can't do. He didn't say it but hypothetically speaking, the thought of PC players only being able to play with either PS4 or XB1 players does sort of bring the console that is not crossplay enabled down. So for now, people that are waiting on the status of crossplay for Tekken 7 to make their purchase, check out the related tweets on Harada's Twitter account and make your mind from there.

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Harada Explains the Season Pass for Tekken 7

The characters & content in the game don't pay for themselves is the quick take on it. Whether the consumer is expected to know the details behind the game's development or care about it is another argument altogether though. Nonetheless, if you're curious and feel like you need to know, here is Harada's explanation on it taken from his Twitlonger post recently.

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95% of Tekken Console Sales are from Outside Japan

That figure of Tekken console players also don't have access to the game as it turns out. Harada gave a closer breakdown of the console Tekken franchise sales figure with listing Europe > United States > Asia & Oceania > Japan. There's not much commentary to add to this so here's the source from Siliconera.

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Harada Teases 'Great Idea' for Corpse Kicking in T7 FR

Update: Correction added. When I initially wrote this up, I presumed that since Harada brought up both sides for corpse kicking that he meant the new method would be one that one please both sides. This was not the case. He just stated that there's a new ('画期的' was used to describe it.) structure in place put into T7 FR for corpse kicking after hearing both the majority and minority side's opinion on the matter. You'll still have to wait for T7 FR to see what it is. Apologies for the misreport.


'死体蹴り' for those who don't know is the act of continually beating or attacking an opponent even after you've won. It's translated literally as 'Corpse Kicking' so the concept is pretty much beating a dead player. In Japanese gaming culture, there are people that identify this behavior as a form of bad manners and will take offense towards this. This does take serious form in fighting games over there since people do get heavily invested in matches. The Tekken games has been having this issue too for a while now since after the opponent was defeated, there was time to sneak in extra attacks before the start of the next round. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 completely avoided this issue by no longer allowing any kind of attack after the match was over (unless they were wearing certain custom items.) This in return, has displeased those that missed the chance to do anything like a taunt or whatever after a win. After dumping his thoughts and weighing the pros & cons for corpse kicking, he briefly teased that a new structure is put in T7 FR for corpse kicking. The original tweet in Japanese can be seen here:

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Harada Reveals Image of Tekken 7's New Rendering Camera System

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Just unveiled by Harada on twitter is the introduction of a new camera system into Tekken 7 that is currently undergoing internal testing. This new camera system will allow the possibility of both players playing on either 1P or 2P side at the same time through a new rendering technique in which the opponent's camera screen is mirrored on the other side of the stage. That's not all that is shown in the image however as we can also observe some new interesting details. First off is the new high CG render of Kazuya, Alisa and Heihachi being used as the character portraits next to the life bars. These will probably replace the old ones and be used on the character select screen. And the other detail is the new stage which you can see on the bottom left.

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