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Summary of Harada's Chat Session at The Location Test

UPDATE: I've edited the line regarding the Tekken 7 budget in light of it actually being incorrect. My apologies everyone, if anyone else spots any other incorrect translation please feel free to post them and I will quickly update it.

If you were waching the Namco Sugamo stream, you may remember seeing Katsuhiro Harada discussing with the stream a lot of details on Tekken 7 and it's developments. There's a lot of interesting bits of information mentioned within his short chat session that I feel is worth knowing about so I had it translated below. The summary comes from Kirito on Zexi but it has been spread to 2ch and the fighting game blog Chigesoku which I am sourcing for the summary.

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Backdash Cancelling to be made easier in future Tekken Games

Probably the most blunt answer that you can get out of this topic. No specifics on how this will be achieved but it's something to look forward to in future Tekken games.


Harada on Revealing Frame Data in Tekken Games

On twitter, Kurokuro asked Harada about displaying official frame data into the Tekken games since it would make his job of creating some match videos with frame data much more easier (Knee Kumite). Harada responds with a lengthy tweet that goes into the decision of not displaying the frame data and the implications of him revealing it. It's quite an interesting read but it's all in Japanese so I took the liberty of translating the whole tweet for us English readers.

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TEKKEN SMASH: Now Hosted By NYC Fab & Inkognito Starting 1/12

TEKKEN SMASH used to be a live streamed entertainment show dedicated to Tekken which was hosted by Inkognito and ATL's Anakin. The show provided some great tekken content with a rotating cast of special guests which made for some worthwhile viewing during it's short 4 episode run. The show is now being reintroduced and will regularly continue during Sunday evenings at 6PM PST (9PM EST) with NYC Fab replacing Anakin as co-host with Inkognito. The new TEKKEN SMASH is going to be streamed on NYC Fab's channel so be sure to follow it to get regular updates. The show will be re-commencing starting on the 12th of January, 2014. You can watch the introductory trailer below.

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Scrapped Character "Ganmi" Might be Considered for TR Based on Twitter Popularity

Thanks to @BLbeel for posting on the ATP show yesterday, Harada will consider a previously scrapped character back into Tekken Revolution if the following Tweet gets retweeted 1000 times:

So retweet that out if you'd like :)

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